Agile Software Development Methodology

Agile Software Development Methodology

If you are interested to know how we deliver on time with flexible response to change and adaptive planning, here is what we do. We employ Agile software development. With Agile Software Development, we ensure that our clients get a flexible approach towards planning and continuous improvement. With the help of prototypes, quick response and regular status updates, we ensure that project get delivered within the budget and on time.


Project management practices

Scrums are the framework that we apply to manage our complex product development. We have addressed several adaptive problems in the past with the help of Agile or scrums. We never compromise on productivity and creativity. Thus, with the help of scrums we ensure that all the problems are addressed keeping in mind that the product get delivered with highest value possible.

From development of customized software to designing meticulously from scratch, our project management practices cover all. It wouldn't be wrong to say that it is a proven structure that has helped us in delivering several successful projects. Clear principle of developing software with utmost quality is one of the most common milestones that we ensure to achieve. Our software development processes are always delivered keeping in mind that high quality is very important. To get the best quality we split our project into several subprojects and they go live one by one in stages.

Project on schedule

We know the importance of time. We know that delivering a software on time can only be achieved if we have a realistic and well defined schedule. To ensure that we deliver projects on schedule we follow the following steps:

We set frequent as well as small milestones. These deliverables are regularly measured. The status updates help the developers to rectify small slips if any.

We give priority to the most potential and important work first. How do we define the most potential task? The task with maximum risk factors is considered the big rock and we aim to perform it first.

Our diligent team track the progress on a daily basis. Also status meetings are kept on a weekly basis so that both the clients as well as team can get in tune with the schedule.

Work environment

We ensure that the work environment is positive and meets the standards of our clients. All the members of our team use the same tools as well as the same platforms. Also common coding standards is used so that everyone is on the same page.

Also we give utter importance to quality. We ensure comprehensive test plans that can help verify the performance, functionalities, compliance and reliability of each and every requirement. We take complete responsibility of ensuring that Quality Assurance is met. Our team works diligently in building prototypes so that bugs and errors can be rectified as early as possible and also the product meets the industry standards.

We ensure hundred percent transparency with the help of effective communication. We know that the biggest of issues can be solved if there is proper communication channel. We ensure that a single point of contact is established. Also we extensively use collaborative intranet so that the team members can share their research and knowledge.

Contractual commitments

We ensure that a feedback loop is created between our clients as well as our project team so that transparency is established. In order to know that the project is delivered on schedule, we communicate the big picture and the common goal to each team member. We also have daily meetings so that activities can be coordinated and speed can be integrated to the project. With the help of web-based automated timesheet, we ensure that our team members upgrade their daily reports. Also if something goes out of bound we immediately bring it to notice.

Quality management

We have the best quality assurance strategies that use. Both White box testing as well as Black box testing is performed by our skilled development team so that the codes are defect-free, user interface is consistent and the system is free of any unanticipated issues or compatibility bugs.

Our Clients

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