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Asset Management and Supply Chain

With the growth of global commerce and trade centralized asset management solutions are creating a network of disparate ledger systems vulnerable to errors, fraud, and misinterpretation during exchange of assets. Record keeping becomes troublesome with such a system.
Dreamztech has created an end to end asset management and tracking solution, backed by blockchain and IOT technologies, to overcome these issues for a large business. The system allows our client leverage Barcode or RFID technology to ensure consistency in record management throughout the entire supply chain using smart ledgers. This makes asset renting seamless as they can now track and monitor assets in real time.

The Business Problem

The customer wanted to overcome the following challenges in their business operations (asset management system and supply chain management)

  • Inability to keep track of millions of containers.
  • Track status of assets manual movements.
  • Unavailability of an automated asset forecasting platform for fulfillment.
  • Unavailability of audit trail leading to loss of assets and inventory inaccuracies.
  • Inability to coordinate maintenance activities due to manual inaccuracies.
  • Issues with reported data and absence of real-time analytics
  • Insufficient modules and features to meet the business needs

The Solution

The customer was looking for an IT partner who could assist them with creating the end-to-end solution, develop and maintain the solution

  • Implementation of Barcode / RFID based automation to identify each asset uniquely.
  • RFID to track the assets movement from remote location.
  • Implementation of an in-built forecasting mechanism to improve efficiencies in Inventory Management and Supply Chain
  • Implementation of audit trail mechanism.
  • Introduction of an automated maintenance platform.
  • Create realtime customized report generation.
  • Having modules like Product, Fleet, Procurement and Orders management with various type of order creation process and bulk order update option feature.


DreamzTech assisted by developing a web based decentralized asset management solutions which enabled the customer to keep a track on hundreds of thousands of containers in consolidated view with smart features and ease of usability. Seamless integration of RFID and Barcode helped tracking unique containers and complete audit trails. The solution enabled customer to fully automate and configure asset scan points that help keep track of assets.

Functional Features

asset management system

Product Specs

Add / modify product definitions and specifications

digital ad platform

Cost and Rental

This module deals with variable product costs and STR pricing

b2b travel portal

Orders Management

Manage orders from customers and handle cancellations, returns

automated oil change

Fleet Operations

View asset and inventory status, perform bulk operations

fleet management -asset management


Manage and process purchase orders with multiple approver levels

asset order manage


Flexible, customizable reports with Tableau data visualization software





MS SQL Server


Windows Service

HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript


Android Studio

App Center (cw-deviceapi)


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