Asset Management System

Asset Management & Supply Chain Management Platform

The Customer : Brewery industry specialist based in UK (A division of leading banking group which is a part of FTSE100)

Asset Management System and SCM platform

Important features of the platform

  • It automated the container management process
  • Through RFID, It helps to collect information about location and circulation time of the container
  • It helps to track the audit trail of the container when it is moving from procurement to customer
  • Assets can be scanned individually or by importing the CSV file.
  • Different types of purchase order ( Long term rentals, return, sales, write off, novation, direct interchange, reposition and planned return and maintenance) can be managed from here

The Business Problem

The customer wanted to overcome the following challenges in their business operations (asset management system and supply chain management)

  • Inability to keep track of millions of containers and their circulation manually
  • Unavailability of an automated container forecasting platform
  • Unavailability of audit trail leading to loss of assets and inventory inaccuracies
  • Inability to coordinate maintenance activities due to manual inaccuracies

The Solution

The customer was looking for an IT partner who could assist them with creating the end-to-end solution, develop and maintain the solution

DreamzTech assisted the customer in creating a solution covering:

  • Creation of RFID based automation to track the containers from remote location
  • Implementation of an in-built forecasting mechanism to improve efficiencies in Inventory Management and Supply Chain
  • Build of audit trail mechanism
  • Introduction of an automated maintenance platform

Functional Features

asset management system


Build the range of API endpoints to invoke the information like data, time , scanner code ,serial number etc.

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The contact module of the system helps the business to manage different types of contacts i.e Customers , Suppliers & Vendors from a single centralized platform.

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The system also allows business to create serialized and non-serialized products and also gives the option to add and mange new/existing product codes.

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The fleet management module shows the asset status (in stock, on hire, returned, under maintenance) and provides the particular purchase order information. Assets can be scanned for any orders from here by through Batch Upload ( CSV scan ) or Bulk Upload (Individual Scan) process.

fleet management -asset management


The Purchase Order module helps the business to manage the work flow of POs from here. The Purchase Order Creation,Approval and Closing processes get manged from this section.

asset order manage


Total 7 types of orders – Long term rentals, return, sales, write off,
novation, direct interchange, reposition and planned return and maintenance are managed from this section. Business can create orders from here and allocates assets by CSV upload.





MS SQL Server


Windows Service

HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap


Amazon S3 Service

Amazon Dynamo DB



DreamzTech assisted by developing an application (web based), conducting end-to-end testing, and providing maintenance services and the Customer has been able to automate and improve their supply chain efficiencies


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Learning Management System

learning management system is webbased solution, Here we can manage school system like, student details, teacher details and other employee details, food, health checkup, fee payment, attendance etc.
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