AR Experience

We design immersive experience combining UXD principles, motion graphics, sound, and rich content to ensure realistic look and feel and engage users.

Custom AR

With video streaming, image recognition and 3D rendering, we build AR applications extending real-world scenes and providing interactive experience.


Backed by wide experience with server-side solutions, GPS, accelerometers, cameras, etc., we integrate AR solutions with the hardware.


Location-based AR Solutions

Utilizing built-in GPS and compass technologies, our solutions provide users with the information on the surroundings and navigation options. We leverage geolocation and geospatial mapping to augment a map with additional data-like pictures, social information and facilities.

Visual Recognition

AR experiences loaded right from the recognized images and videos.

Face Recognition

Solutions that automatically identify people and detect their facial features.

Marker Recognition

Tracking of visual markers to align virtual data with the real environment.

Object Recognition

Recognition of an object and its position in a scene to augment the display.

Industry-related Solutions

We combine device processors and sensors, cameras, compasses and GPS accelerometers with virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive 3D to create memorable experiences across various industries.

  • Retail

AR solutions to engage shoppers and deliver relevant information. Among them are virtual fitting rooms, product catalogs with interactive 3D content, product comparisons, reviews and special offers.

  • Marketing & Advertising

Advertising blended with real‑world elements, video or 3D effects. Solutions to look through an interactive product description, virtually try a product or see how it looks in a real space.

  • Tourism & Culture

AR solutions for on the spot guidance, virtual tours, points of interest, monument augmentations, eye‑tracking AR applications, interactive solutions for museums and galleries.

  • Gaming & Entertainment

We create entertainment solutions for virtual movie theaters, augmented concerts and sport events; enrich AR games with sound, 3D add­ons, haptic feedback, etc.

  • Real Estate & Interior

3D solutions and 360-degree videos to view a space or building from any angle inside and outside. We utilize superimposition techniques to visualize how an architectural change would look in reality.

  • Healthcare

We integrate 3D imaging with AR/VR devices to visualize and display medical issues with the patient and ensure precise diagnostics. Educational solutions for health specialists, patients and medical students.

  • Education

Interactive manuals and immersive experience that engage students and readers with exciting 3D models and animations, video materials, virtual classes, games, recreation of historical events, etc.

  • Logistics

AR technology to optimize the picking process, warehouse planning and cargo loading, check load completeness, as well as help customers determine and order correct shipping options.

Our Service Offerings

Application UX/UI & Backend Development

Drivers, SDK/API integration

Third-party solutions integration

Image recognition

3D modelling

Monitoring and maintenance

Technologies / Tools
  • Java for Android
  • Objective C and Swift for iOS
  • SQLite
  • JSON
  • XCode, Android Studio
  • AngularJS, React, Node.js

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