Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a constantly progressing industry. This industry is now driving innovation and global technological advancement and, as a result, today’s automobiles are providing its customers with technology that has never been more sophisticated and reliable.
A series of global trends have led to unprecedented innovation in the automotive industry. Connectivity and digitization are the most important trends which could influence the global automobile industry. Consumers want more connectivity, are focused on active safety and ease of use and are increasingly using digital sources in making their purchase decisions.

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We Offer Solutions And Services Across The Entire Automotive Value Chain.

We develop long-term IT strategies to support overall business goals, including suppliers, sales and after-sales. With our deep understanding of the automotive domain, we are uniquely positioned to increase your company’s operational efficiency, profitability, market presence, and to build lasting customer relationships.

Spare Parts Business Management

After-sales service has become an essential part of the manufacturer’s success, with an increased focus on staying competitive and maximizing revenues. This can be accomplished by understanding that a unique strategy for service and parts must be utilized to address issues in planning, procurement, warehouse operations, fulfillment, customer satisfaction, and repairs.
By utilizing industry best practices, we help companies understand the necessary strategies and IT requirements to achieve maximum results and profitability within their spare parts business. Our key offerings in the after-sales area cover Warranty Management and Analytics, Customer Experience Management, Service Parts, and Accessories Management.
We can integrate custom solutions with SAP or any other ERP like Oracle NetSuite, MS Dynamics 365 or CRM Solutions for customer experience management.

RFID / Barcode based Inventory Tracking System

When it comes to tracking inventory, simple is often better than complex. That is not to say that a simple inventory tracking system has to be low tech or rely on outdated, manual processes and tools. Instead, it means that it should be accessible and understandable to all of your employees who have some connection to your inventory.
We create unique solutions for inventory tracking using RFID / Barcode or QRCode. From items unique serialization to multiple points automated/manual scan points with complete transparency and audit trails of transactions. The flexibility of our Inventory Tracking Systems allows us to easily customize even your most unique and complex requirements for all your inventory control needs.

CRM System With Workforce Management

The success of your business depends on how you manage customer data, get actionable insight and take the right decisions. While a generic CRM system might support a single line of business, it cannot correlate opportunities or understand the significance of data when you have multiple lines of business.
DreamzTech has developed a CRM platform with a Job Tracker module to connect and manage all of its business operations for one of its esteemed clients to help them with each of their business lines – all under a single digital CRM platform. This helps them to identify the right strategy for every opportunity and direct their workforce accordingly.
We combined vendor, inventory, purchase order and customer data under a single platform. This made the supply and demand gap identifiable at a glance. The platform can help you track the live status of every assigned job, delivery, and shipment in the platform.

Insurance Claims Management System

Insurance Claims Management Software focus primarily on providing information essential for the evaluation of claims with a centralized system of record.
Beyond providing operational efficiency in the management of claims, insurance claims systems should also reduce the risk of fraudulent claims by providing access to all relevant data associated with claims in an organized fashion, supporting risk evaluation. We create a solution for Claim generation, Servicing, Repairs, Custom Paintwork, Transportation Service, Accident Assistance and more. Claims management includes complete CRM for client communication, task assignment, and helpdesk. The solution can salvage a repaired vehicle or put it up for auction.
We developed solutions for claims service providers in the UK which is of choice for insurers and brokers across the country. We develop an enterprise solution for Accident Assistance using the latest technologies for speed, reliability and voluminous data handling features.


Service Workshop Management System

In order to run a service workshop smoothly, one requires to have an automated solution to manage all the daily activities properly and providing a good customer service requires a well-equipped customer relationship management system.
For Service Workshops like drive-through car servicing center with a good customer base, in order to expand the business and manage the increasing number of customers year on year, the businesses require a solution that will help them manage the daily activities of a workshop like Vehicle Management, Inventory Control, Spare Part Management, Job card creation, and Accounting.
For good customer service, our system keeps track of all customer activities. DreamzTech has developed a customized POS system for workshops linked to a CRM system to manage customer services. We also built a website to improve marketing, promotion and brand awareness to increase the clientele.

We’ll help you integrate the right solution components to optimize what you are doing today and prepare a powerful system platform to meet future needs.



CRM System With Workforce Management

We delivered the customized CRM system with Workforce Management and email marketing module for AutoMobile Company. Solutions/ Services we have offered as Custom CRM System, Job Tracker module for their salesperson, Email Marketing system, Database Development and Design on MS-SQL, etc.
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Workshop Service Management System

Our client owned a drive-through car servicing center with a good customer base and required a solution that will help them manage the daily activities of a workshop like Vehicle Management, Inventory Control, Spare Part Management, Job card creation, Accounting along with a system to keep track of all customer activities. Dreamztech has developed a customized POS system for workshops linked to a CRM system to manage customer services.
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Auto Insurance Claims Management System

The client is a Legal Defence company for bikers in the UK. They offer services like claim generation, servicing, repairs, custom paintwork, motorcycle Transportation Service, Accident Assistance and more. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop an enterprise intranet application for Accident Assistance for motorcycles. It was developed using the latest technologies for speed, reliability and voluminous data handling features.
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