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Are you a WordPress beginner? If yes, you must have been indulging into a lot of books on WordPress for Beginners or other content management system platforms. I am also sure that you must have read a lot about plugins right now. If you are WordPress beginner, you must still be having some idea about WordPress plugins if not here is a definition that help you out. To enhance functionality, you can ass plugins of software to the website created with WordPress. WordPress (for Beginners) allows the developers to make the website more appealing and beautiful with some very enticing themes. Similarly, 45, 835 plugins offered by WordPress allows you to make your site functionally rich. With 1, 35, 09, 27, 806 downloads, you can fairly understand the power WordPress plugins offers your website with.

There are two types of WordPress plugins available i) free plugins and ii) premium plugins. Although there are more than 30, 000 plugins that WordPress offers for free, you may still have to purchase a few. Paid or premium plugins ensures full time support for your staff and developers who work on monitoring security and maintain compatibly of plugins with latest WordPress version.

It is very important for a WordPress developer to know which plugin to choose for their websites. While all the plugins seem really alluring, you may still need to understand which plugin your website will support. In order to select the right plugins, you must review the following queries:

  • Is the plugin compatible with the version of WordPress that you have?
  • Is the support available for the WordPress plugin good enough?
  • What do the others in your team feel about the plugin?
  • When was the plugin last updated?

The developer must keep these questions in mind before finalizing the plugins. As a WordPress newbie, you must have a vague idea on few plugins. I have penned down some very interesting plugins that I feel the websites must have if created with WordPress:

  1. Wordfence security
  2. Google Analytics
  3. WordPress importer
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. WooCommerce
  6. W3 Total Cache
  7. NextGen gallery
  8. Regenerate Thumbnails
  9. Google XML Sitemaps
  10. Page builder

Most of these plugins come for free but are very useful. As a WordPress beginner, you must have some idea about plugins. With time and hands-on experience, you will get a hold on all about plugins.

Written by Christi Patterson
Christi has been an integral part of the DreamzTech Arizona project management team since 2013. She manages the daily operations & enjoys the opportunities to work with team & customers across the globe .