Mobile First

Gone are the days when websites were designed exclusively for desktops. Today users have a plethora of devices that they use for fetching data while on the go. An individual carrying a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop all at the same time is a common view these days. Designers these days face the challenge of creating websites that can comfortably and effectively fit in the screen sized of a wide range of devices including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets. And the list of devices is growing and expanding with every passing day.

These days a new movement is on the rave.

Mobile First!

The new crusade focuses on creation of websites keeping mobile devices as the benchmark. Thus, the developers these days are concentrating on creating websites that can fit in the screen sizes of every mobile phones. Now why do you think developers are following this approach? The answer is simple and honestly very enticing. Part of the charm of this unusual approach is the simplicity and clarity that the design has. When it is created for mobile phones. Another part of this approach is the ease in transferring the aesthetics and design to bigger devices. In simple words although laptops or desktops have larger screen sizes, yet they share the same fundamentals of design. Thus, by sharing the clean design created for mobile devices to larger screen sizes, ease I development can be achieved.

How is this possible? With the help of grid-based design principles, the elements of the web pages can conform as well as adapt to an array of screen sizes. The best part is that the user experience never gets impacted in adverse way. This responsive design approach offers users with great browsing experience. With this approach an easy-to-use, simple layout can be prepared that offers same experience irrespective of device to all its users. Thus, whether it is a mobile browser experience on the go or laptop web browsing at the comfort of the home, the users find a user-friendly design everywhere.

This Mobile First approach is widely accepted to keep clients and customers happy. The objective is to create an easily navigable site that offers necessary information without any overload or slow processing issues.

Written by Christi Patterson
Christi has been an integral part of the DreamzTech Arizona project management team since 2013. She manages the daily operations & enjoys the opportunities to work with team & customers across the globe .