Business Directory PWA Solution

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Business Directory PWA Solution

Our client is a leading automotive company in Singapore, specializing in oils, lubricants, and additives. The client wanted to develop a consumer-facing directory mobile app to boost customer experience in finding nearby workshop to service their car. The client wanted to take the workshop business directory app to the next level by providing easy, intuitive and user-friendly UI to all the users. Dreamztech has developed a platform with a progressive web app(PWA) solution where all the features from finding a workshop to book workshop appointments are included. Customers can also enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts for automotive services, restaurants, gyms, hotels using the rewards program.

Business Problems

The client wanted a solution for the following problems

  • Customers were not well aware of the available workshops around their location.
  • Difficulty in finding reliable workshops for travelers driving to other countries.
  • Customers are not well aware of the interesting deals available at their location.
  • Difficulty in making an appointment with a workshop.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by us

  • We created a powerful digital network with a business directory PWA of all the workshops.
  • Location-based listing on nearby workshops with Map view and direction.
  • Option for customers to browse exclusive benefits such as discounts for automotive services, restaurants, gyms, hotels.
  • Easy appointment booking option on the go with workshops in a few steps.

Approach from DreamzTech

With the advent of the digital era, the client wanted to develop a consumer-facing mobile app to boost customer experience in locating & making appointments with nearby workshops. After proper analysis, planning and deployment DreamzTech provided the client with the PWA solution where all the features from finding a workshop, booking workshop appointments to browse for exclusive deals were integrated into a single functional platform.

asset management system ANALYSIS

Our business analysts discussed with the client stakeholders to understand their needs & the features they wanted to implement. The architects from DreamzTech analyzed the workflow and worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects for further elicitation.

digital ad platform PLANNING

After a detailed analysis of the project requirements, architects analyzed the technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices to be implemented. The plan was segregated into phases along with specific deadlines for each phase.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

Our team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for 5 months following Agile methodology for technology implementation. Due support was provided during implementation and continued to date.

Services We Provided


Dreamztech helped the client meet the growing demands of their customers and keep up the pace with evolving technologies and evolving business strategies. Incentivize consumers to use directory app not just for making workshop appointments but to enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts for automotive services, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels.

8%Increased transaction rate.

The transaction rate increased in terms of booking appointments.


More than 10K registered workshops listed.

35%More Sales

On an average the sales increased per day with IUSEIT deals.

Key Application Features

The business directory platform owned by the client constitutes several Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

asset management system LOCATION BASED DIRECTORY

Location-based workshop listing with a workshop near me finder.

digital ad platform POWERFUL MAP VIEW

Draggable Map view with autoloading of workshops & nearby deals on change of location.

b2b travel portal EASY APPOINTMENT

Customers can book an appointment with the workshop just by providing a few details.

automated oil change IUSEIT REWARDS

Create & offer exclusive benefits to customers such as discounts for automotive services, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels.

fleet management -asset management PUSH NOTIFICATION

A customer receives a notification on sign up. Admin can also send proportional push notification to the customer.

asset order manage CUSTOMER DATABASE

Customer details that are provided during registration through the app are saved in the customer database and access of it is limited to the admin only.

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