Big Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

When it comes to dealing with a humungous ocean of big data, you must arm your business with powerful, feature-loaded, and custom-fit solutions.
Why worry when you can hire expert data analysts and professionals who can build tailored BI and Big Data solutions for your business.

We are expertise in Big Data Analysis & BI

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business value from data of multiple origins

With DreamzTech, businesses can empower themselves today by strategic business value. Today, the environment is increasingly becoming data-centric. By utilizing data from multiple origins, businesses can come up with best solutions to derive growth.


Enterprise Data

Businesses can embrace transactional ERP data, CRM systems, and a wide range of unstructured and semi-structured data types that resides in various content repositories.

Sensor-Generated Data

Businesses can also employ data that is collected from various smart devices, industrial equipment, control systems, connected appliances, and other IoT devices.

Machine Data

Businesses can also gain insights from log files, clickstream, and other machine-generated data for IT infrastructure and end-to-end transaction visibility.

Social Data

Businesses can get a 360⁰ customer view with the help of digital footprints generated by users and data from location based services and social media sources and location-based services.

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We Are Really Big On Big Data

DreamzTech has a flair in building big data & BI solutions. Our development is primarily based upon long-standing proficiency and in-depth expertise in applying technologies, tools, and methodologies properly across the complete data cycle. We set up project teams based on the needs of the clients. Our project team comprises of exclusive and finest specialists with talents, background and skills aligned best with the prerequisites if our clients.

Business Analysts

Business analysts in DreamzTech are skilled to help businesses come up with best results by comprehending big data landscape. With our data analysts’ businesses, can achieve right goals with the shortest path.

Big Data Architects & Engineers

Activities of our core team of development experts, are mostly driven by rapid application development and DevOps principles. These activities incorporate end-to-end software QA, performance engineering, and testing.

Data Scientists

DreamzTech has the right expertise in employing BI technologies for accomplishing a potential and multiplicative effect on your business by selecting and pulling authentic data from several analysis channels.

Database Admins

DreamzTech has proficiency in designing reliable, fast, and scalable data warehouse. We can also help businesses in administering and enhancing an effective, secure, and uncomplicated database environment.

Services And Solutions

DreamzTech consistently works for turning data into action. We offer end-to-end implementation services and BI solutions by consolidating and real-time visualizing data through in-depth analytical processing.

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

Proper alignment of It capacities and business needs and IT capacities with opportunities driven by data:
  • Assessment of technology environment
  • Functional business needs assessment
  • Corporate standards, policy and security environment assessment
  • Proposal for implementation approach

Data Integration & Data Warehousing

Qualitative conversion of fragmented data through high-performance ETL engines & Creating BI-ready warehouses :
  • Data accumulation from a diversity of sources including applications, flat files, social media, XML, mainframe, Hadoop, machine data, NoSQL, and RDBMS.
  • Data normalization, profiling, and cleansing ,modeling ,optimization ,Data quality management & Data migration services
  • Database architecture design ,Metadata management & Enterprise-class discovery and search

Core Analytics

We put progressive and innovative technologies at work for accomplishing business goals:
  • Stream data analytical processing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • OLAP cubes for big data cases
  • Implementation of configuration tools

Data Presentation

We organize data from complex ideas into clear, precise, and elegant actionable insights:
  • Real-time visualization dashboards distributed through web, mobile and API
  • Personalized experiences and restricted user access to specific data types and level of detail
  • Manageable report builders and data export tools


IoT Data

We have the expertise to offer advanced analytics solutions and predictive maintenance for connected hospital, smart home automation, and transportation use cases.

Customer Analytics

With tailored marketing, sales analytics systems, and high-load product analytics engines, we are well-equipped to help businesses offer great customer experiences.


DreamzTech empowers enterprises data designing that can be incorporated into business processes that are distributed across activity- and data-centric multiple systems.



Our technological capacity is continuously evolving to incorporate the best tools and frameworks emerging on the technology landscape, with particular attention to cloud-based and mobile BI. Among others, we work with the following technologies:

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