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The Solution is Packaged With


Portfolio Progressive Web App

A user friendly and smart Instant App where your fans and followers can find all the details of your promotional events, social cause and charitable works, even when they are not connected to internet. Your photos, Videos, Social Media posts, endorsed or own brands are showcased, which leads to enhanced fan base.


Administration Portal for Admin / Owners

Admin or owners can manage different social activities like event promotion, brand promotion, fan club management, gallery management, managing fun events and so on hassle free. Manage social media contents directly from the console too.

Why US?

  • The Celebrity Marketing Solution is an innovative digital marketing and personalised promotional platform for global renowned personalities, which is built on Progress Web App technology.
  • The celebrities or admin have the power to bypass app stores and simply share the URL/link by any medium and once your fans and followers open it - they would be connected with the mobile app.
  • The celebrities can enhance their images to fans and followers by sharing their lifestyle, social activities, style statement and showcasing their brands by using the app.

Customers PWA

Events & Campaigns

Listing all Events/Campaigns at one place Your followers can easily view the list of all ongoing events/campaigns of the day and can share their interest and feedback accordingly

Fan Club

Make fun events and activities Engage your followers in different fun events and activities. It will enhance your fans engagement and will increase your fan base.

Media Gallery

Check it out Now your followers can check all the images, Videos and social activities in one place. It will help them to get connected with you and will enhance your app publicity.

Social Media

Influence by Social Presence Influence your fans and followers by sharing all your Social Media contents centrally in the app.

Donate On the Go

Easy Donation Option Encourage your fans and followers to donate for your social cause and charities directly using the app.

Digital Shop

Let people follow your path Now you can share and promote your dress code, style statement and your personal brands from your app. Your followers can even buy them according to their preferences.

Admin Portal

Event Promotion

Let Fans Explore Publish the upcoming events to attract the followers. Let your fans plan accordingly to attend the events they wish to.

App Management

Make it attractive Design the app the way you want it. Manage the pages according to your choice with the easy drag and drop feature of the platform. Make it more beautiful and attractive for your app promotion.

Manage Social Media

Easy Fan Reach Out Share your contents like videos, articles, images on multiple social media platform at one go using this console. It will help you to save your time and effort.

Digital Gallery

One stop Gallery Create and manage your digital gallery efficiently in a simple way. Digital gallery will display all of the images of your events, campaigns and social activities in one place.

Brand Publicity

Showcase your Brand Create your brand catalogue and highlight them to your fans and followers so that everyone get to know about it and optional e-commerce help you to offer your brand products too

Push Notification

Reach your fans on a click The push notification helps to reach all of your registered fans and followers quickly to convey them any information you want to share.

Key Features of Celebrity Marketing

Easy and effective expansion of your fan base

Easily share your contents on multiple social media platform

Effective and effortless fan engagement

Effective tool for showcasing profile

Promotion of social cause and charity support becomes easier

Easy & simple Branding & Promotions

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