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The Solution Of ChatBot

A Chat based support system

Provides one-step-at-a-time operational experience

Helps users to successfully execute the objective


Understands and communicates in Natural Language (English)

Helps users only with relevant options to choose from (where applicable)

Why US?

  • The Virtual Customer Support for Travel Industry business owners is a professional ready solution which provides global customers an improved support experience 24x7 using both PCs and mobile devices.
  • This solution gets integrated with business owner’s existing web and/or mobile app and is seamlessly connected to existing travel booking module.
  • Your customers can simply click or tap on the ‘Support Assistant Icon’ present on the web and/or mobile app and start communicating instantly.


Customer Greeting

Greet your customer The virtual assistant greets your customer personally when the chat window is opened by the customer. It also makes relevant greeting when the support ends

Simple Flow

Easy and simple flow The virtual assistant provides customer with easy flowing one-step-at-a-time and single tap operation during the flight booking journey to reduce too much of typing for the customer

Natural Language Communication

Communicate through natural language The virtual assistant is capable of understanding and speaking in natural language (English) and communicates with customers like a pro

Redirect to Pay

Seamless redirection to payment At the last stage of the booking the virtual assistant redirects customer to payment page and once the payment is done, provides confirmation message and ends the conversation.

Booking Module Update

Update to existing booking module After successful booking operation it updates the main booking module with new booking information

Chat-Bot Admin

Flexible Configuration

Easy configuration The Admin console enables business owner to create and configure multiple bot agents and deploy.

Support Story Creation

Create your own support story The Admin user can create multiple story lines for the customers to get support for various issues and activities based on the business requirement

Key Features of Travel Booking Virtual Support

Huge cost reduction on customer support for travel booking

Any volume of support request catered

Improved customer experience with better guided support on the go

24x7 and uniform standard of customer support globally

Improved usability attracts more customers

Seamless integration with existing platform

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