Cloud Video Streaming & Management System

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Cloud Video Streaming & Management System

Reach is a platform that helps users to connect with the rodeo community. Rodeo has been a popular competitive sport in the western United States, Canada, Spain, and other European countries. However, the community was struggling to reach more users in the past few years due to a lack of promotional activities, poor marketing, and branding models. The basic requirement of the client was to broadcast and stream live videos and audios for the users who are not present at the field and are not aware of the status of the event. Dreamztech has developed a community networking and marketplace application using the latest technologies and features. The client can upload and store multiple videos at the same time for the users to download. Through this system, the client can manage the event schedule, users, and sponsors along with building encouragements between the users and the other sponsors by displaying advertisements digitally at the time of video streaming.

Business Problems

The client was facing the following challenges in their rodeo community.

  • Reaching to a large number of users was not easy.
  • Lack of solution available for the users who are not present in the field to participate and enjoy the event.
  • Live streaming of video and audio were difficult.
  • Lack of solutions available for the intercommunity connections among the users.
  • Lack of encouragement policy or revenue generation to attract more users.
  • Multiple videos can not be streamed at the same time.


The user enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • With alert/notification feature reaching to a large number of users at the same time made easy.
  • With the mobile app video and audio streaming, it became easy to feel the thrill of the events for the users who are not present in the field.
  • Create and manage the listing of multiple video and audio streaming seamlessly.
  • Like & comments feature on live video helps to increase the interconnectivity among the platform users & their engagement.
  • The platform marketplace allows merchants and users to post ads, and target campaigns/videos for revenue generation.
  • Multiple videos can be streamed at the same time from anywhere anytime.

Approach from DreamzTech

DreamzTech developed a collaboration platform for the community members that would combine the best of event management and social media marketplace. The platform consists of features like live video & audio streaming, the instant chat is available over the web and mobile apps. DreamzTech got the opportunity to provide consulting, technical architecture, development and end to end testing services with computerized workflows, modern user experience, unified tracking, and business insight.

asset management systemCONSULTING

DreamzTech shared the passion and zeal of the Rodeo community. Our consulting team studied the lifestyle and interests of the community while gathering requirements from the client. Our goal was to attract people rather than merely building event management software.

digital ad platform PLANNING

The architects from DreamzTech analyzed requirements to determine Technology to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. The project was broken into several phases with high priority business requirements included in the initial phase.

b2b travel portal DELIVERY

DreamzTech understands the patience needed to make it large. It takes time to engage the crowd on a platform. We planned on developing a robust framework first and then building small modules on it as user traffic increased. We delivered the solution in small phases.

Services We Provided


DreamzTech helped the client to meet the growing demands of their clients and keep up the pace with evolving technologies and evolving business strategies due to which the community has shown tremendous interest on the platform attracting several sponsors and investors.
As of today, the client has successfully reached thousands of users. The application has benefitted the client by providing them complete control over live video & audio streaming, which has increased the interaction among the users due to better interconnectivity through live streaming.

Key Application Features

asset management systemLIVE VIDEO STREAMING

Live video streaming of events. Playback later. Users can start Quick Video Streaming anytime from anywhere and allow everyone to view it.

digital ad platformLIVE AUDIO STREAMING

Live audio streaming of events with playback later option. It allows listening to the audio broadcast from anywhere at any time even not being present in the fields.

b2b travel portalCOMMENTS

Users can put comments on Live video streaming and it works as a multi-user thread where anyone can post comments and that can be seen by others as well.

automated oil changeVIDEO LIBRARY

Users can go to the video library to view all the previously streamed videos anytime from anywhere.

fleet management -asset managementLIKE

Users can Like any video stream when it is streaming Live

asset order manageREVENUE GENERATION

The platform helps the merchants and users to post ads, and target campaigns/videos for revenue generation.

asset management systemNOTIFICATION

Users receive alert/notification as soon as the related streaming starts.

digital ad platformSEARCH

Users can search for videos by events or names.

b2b travel portalPURCHASE VIDEO

Anyone can download a video being streamed by making a purchase.

Technology Overview







Angular JS










WOWZA Media System

Android Studio

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