Streamline & optimize your maintenance with #1 CMMS platform by DreamzTech

Minimize costs, escalate productivity, and enhance asset’s performance with the most powerful and advanced CMMS platform.

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Streamline Your Work Orders

Eliminate maintenance disorganization with our easy work order management. Easily access work instructions, prioritize tasks following schedule maintenance tasks based on customized condition-based triggers (date/time, events, reading etc.)

  • Reduce asset downtime & costs
  • Boost your asset and equipment lifetime
  • Improve overall facility condition

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Prevent Threats With IoT

DreamzCMMS offers an end to end solution that securely reads IoT sensor data in real time, processes the data and executes a machine learning model to understand the threat or necessity of the machine maintenance before it reaches the critical point.

  • Connect Your assets with sensor & track 24×7
  • Set preventive rules to avoid downtime problem
  • Help improve the ROI on your assets

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Access Mobile CMMS App Anywhere

The cloud-based mobile-first DreamzCMMS platform is The DreamzTech CMMS mobile app lets employees /team members to access work orders, view instructions, manage and update completed tasks from any device any time, even they are offline.Use our mobile CMMS and experience up to a 500% return on investment through better team communication and improved,consistent performance.

  • DreamzCMMS is 100% Cloud-based and can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Mobile CMMS made team communication & collaborative activities easy

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RFID Based Inventory Management

Track your assets with RFID tags and get bulk asset history instantly with a quick automatic RFID scan. Track and trace asset transactions, throughout the entire supply chain cycle within minute and manage your inventory efficiently.

Blockchain secured server records all asset transactions which ensure data integrity, minimum errors and reduction in human effort.

  • Avoid counterfeiting, frauds with Blockchain
  • Track & Organize your assets easily

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Make Better Decision with Powerful Insight

An organization, large or small, must optimize its strategic decision making process. Business Intelligent dashboards provide important data analytics which aids in taking proactive operational and managerial decisions.

  • Reduce Asset Downtime
  • Achieve +500% better ROI

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Get All You Need in DreamzCMMS

  • Fixed Asset Management

Comprehensive asset history and information

  • Maintenance Management

Improve asset performance, reduce downtime, and track the health of critical assets

  • Procurement Management

End to end purchase request to PO generator through RFQ process.

  • Mobile Work Order Management

Get better performance and visibility of the technical works.

  • Parts & Supplies Management

Track current inventory status in ml location

  • Incident Management

Avoid disruption to, an organization’s operations, services or functions.

Toby WeissToby Weiss

I have had a team of 8 developers at DreamzTech for over 6 months working on multiple projects. I can honestly say that I am amazed at their excellent communication, super solid development and great teamwork with my US staff. Our projects have moved along faster and at much lower budget than I'd ever thought possible before. I have worked with many off-shore companies, and DreamzTech truly blows the others out the water! They are an ideal partner that I highly recommend giving a project to, and I am excited to continue our relationship into the long term.

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I have had an awesome experience with DreamzTech. They have always treated me right and I have been with them for over 3 years. Since day 1 every time I have a request they jump right on it and if I need something done immediately they will go out of their way to get it done as fast as possible. I definitely recommend DreamzTech to anyone looking for quality work by passionate developers.

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Jamie MitchellJamie Mitchell

Our team really enjoys working with DreamzTech. They're always flexible and patient with us as our ideas change and evolve. They provide quick turnaround on requests and always keep us in the loop.

They also go above and beyond by providing us helpful advice and suggestions from their years of experience in this field that have most definitely made our company better and more successful.

Jamie Mitchell
College Baseball Advisors

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