Computerized Maintenance Management System Software

Get relief from your daily maintenance headache and increasing operating costs. Our cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System Software (CMMS) manages assets data, improves asset life-cycle, reduces maintenance costs and simplifies your journey from reactive to preventive maintenance and beyond.

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CMMS : Experience the Improved Efficiency with Security of Blockchain and Power of Automation.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

The DreamzTech CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is built specifically to help maintenance teams systemize assets, manage work, connect to other business applicatins/softwares, and make data driven decisions with powerful insights. Securing with blockchain our unique CMMS solution assure your data security and protection. Implementing DreamzTech CMMS helps teams modernize their maintenance by:

Tracking with RFID/ QR Code scanner and storing all asset information and history

Cloud-based access and asset data can be secured through blockchain

Easy scope of scaling across facilities and countries

Managing field work using CMMS mobile app online /offline

Simplifying the process to add and manage work orders & assets

Powerful business insight with customizable reports

Work order solution

DreamzTech’s enterprise-grade GPS based work order management solution gives you the ability to easily create, manage, track, and complete work orders while providing visibility into your operation.

Mobile work orders can be managed online /offline

Built with add-on features like customer review and e-sign

Integrated with advanced features like route planner, geofencing etc

Asset management solution

Our CMMS solution helps in tracking the asset lifecycle designed for enterprises and mitigate supply chain entropy while enhancing visibility and transparency.

Whether you’re managing multiple assets or multiple facilities, our asset maintenance management solution makes it easy to quickly build and import assets, store information, track asset history, and making data-driven asset decisions

Search easily using RFID /QR Code Scanner

Schedule maintenace based on meter readings/ alerts

Secure data with blockchain and avoid counterfeiting, frauds

Get powerful data insights and take impeccable business decisions

Organize assets effortlessly

CMMS Mobile Solution

The DreamzTech mobile CMMS app truly is the perfect choice for your maintenance operations. New features, like offline mode and easier work order management, put everything you need at your fingertips—wherever work takes you. Request a Demo and feel the power of its effectiveness for your business.

It allows your employees to get daily task lists with simplified work order management

Work anywhere, in any device with offline mode

Drive your productivity with user-focused features

Keeping track of, assigning, and prioritizing work orders

Fleet Operations Reports with preventive maitenance notifications

Cloud-based maintenance solution

DreamzTech lets you securely run maintenance and asset management solution over the Internet without having to buy, install, or manage any hardware. Just open your web browser, log in, and start managing your maintenace from today .

Fits any budget, available as mobile app

Cutomizable, We tailor it as per your need

Secure and trusted through blockchain

Always up-to-date, no headache to maintain your maintenance software

Fleet Operations Reports available

Keeping track of, assigning, and prioritizing and updating work orders

Industrial Maintenance Management Solutions

DreamzTech CMMS is a perfect fit for any industry. Here are some industries below to learn more about how the CMMS can make an impact.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Equipment breakdowns in manufacturing cost time, work hours, and resources. Our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help with the preventive report and avoid unnecessary losses.

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Fleet Maintenance Management

In fleet maintenance services, Our CMMS helps in a vehicle and its equipment maintenance, regular servicing, inspections, maintenance log management, preventive maintenance notifications.

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Public Utilities Maintenance

Whether you’re running the maintenance department for a small town or a huge city, our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can make your maintenance faster, easier with improved efficiency.

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Mining Maintenance Management

DreamzTech CMMS helps mining operations gather real-time, actionable data to build an effective and sustainable preventive maintenance program.

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Food Processing Maintenance

Integrating with condition based monitoring application,our CMMS helps you keep track and maintain machines, production lines, and facilities.

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University Facility Maintenance

Our maintenace management solution handles all the facilities of higher educational institutions with organization, accountability and reliability.

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Hospital/ Healthcare Maintenance

Our CMMS can help healthcare organization to manage patient and medical data securely and keep records of medical equipment and other details.

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Wastewater Plant Maintenance

DreamzTech computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) helps wastewater plants control water quality and meet regulatory and governmental wastewater maintenance standards across all stages of treatment.

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Farm Equipment Maintenance

Our Computerized Maintenance Management System Software helps farmers to save money on overhead and avoid equipment breakdown during busy seasons.

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Simplify Asset Management

Increase Staff Productivity

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduce Repair And Maintenance Costs

Enable Data-Driven Insights

Mobilize Workforce Management

Secure data using Blockchain

Increase Overall Portfolio Revenues

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