CRM System With Workforce Management

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CRM System With Workforce Management

The success of your business depends on how you manage customer data, get actionable insight and take the right decisions. While a generic CRM system might support a single line of business, it cannot correlate opportunities or understand the significance of data when you have multiple lines of business. Dreamztech has developed a CRM platform with a job tracker module to connect and manage all of its business operations for one of its esteemed clients to help them with each of their business lines – all under a single digital CRM platform. This helps them to identify the right strategy for every opportunity and direct their workforce accordingly.

Business Problems

The client was facing the following business problems prior to implementation:

  • In the existing process invoices and purchase orders are sent manually to suppliers and customers resulting in slow conversions and delayed operations.
  • The customer’s traditional system lacked a platform to manage leads, opportunities and relate these to customers.
  • As there were no modern CRM systems, appointments could not be scheduled without possible conflict with another appointment. Reminders were not available.
  • Delivery jobs incurred more costs since routes were never preplanned and routes were often retraced.
  • The client lacked a unified platform from which they could manage all aspects of the supply chain – vendor, inventory, customer, delivery.
  • Realtime tracking of jobs, deliveries, and shipments were not possible.
  • The client had to manually assign tasks, deliver jobs and track performance. Scheduling was not possible.
  • A lot of paperwork was needed at the receiving end of deliveries and delivery failures. Lack of customer feedback and engagement process post-delivery.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • MTC Sales Module allowed the customer to create and manage orders along with access to invoices and purchase orders from a single collaborative platform.
  • The customer can now record all orders, emails, call notes and activities of customers through the CRM module.
  • The client can create and book tasks, appointments for customers easily resulting in efficient communication. Employees receive reminders on assigned tasks.
  • The ability to plan routes and drop multiple shipments on the way is now possible.
  • MTC combined vendor, inventory, purchase order and customer data under a single platform. This made the supply and demand gap identifiable at a glance.
  • The client can track the live status of every assigned job, delivery, and shipment in the platform.
  • The client can now schedule delivery jobs for customers and field employees. The job allocation report shows the performance status of each employee.
  • The MTC mobile app helps receive client signatures upon delivery and failed deliveries are tracked. The customer feedback system helps increase brand value.

Approach from DreamzTech

As the customer ventured into their digital transformation journey they sought support from a software partner with expertise in the areas of new-age technology, consulting and CRM systems. DreamzTech delivered the customized CRM system with the Job tracker module.

asset management system ANALYSIS

DreamzTech engaged onshore Business Analysts to interview stakeholders from client premises and gather requirements. They worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects for further elicitation.

digital ad platform PLANNING

The architects from DreamzTech analyzed existing problems and the probable solutions to determine Technology to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. The plan was segregated into phases.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

Our team comprising of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for 8+ years and delivered multiple versions of the platform along with several new enhancements following Agile methodology for technology implementation with continued support.

Services We Provided


DreamzTech’s tailored CRM solution has helped our client to transform their business, with accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. They have optimized their workforce management with insightful and actionable data generated from all their business lines and improved their customer’s satisfaction. They now have a single platform to manage all verticals.

Key Application Features

The customized CRM system owned by the client constitutes several large and complex Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

asset management system Sales Module

Create and manage sales orders from a single collaborative platform.

digital ad platform Orders Module

Create new orders and invoices by adding a digital signature.

b2b travel portal Client Value Creation

Customers buy products at their preassigned and historically correct buying price.

automated oil change Calendar Appointments

Create and book tasks, appointments for customers. Ensure efficient communication.

fleet management -asset management Purchase Module

Create and manage purchase orders from a single collaborative platform.

asset order manage Gap Analysis

Suppliers, Vendors, Retailers, and customers – all under a roof to ensure minimal supply and demand gap.

asset management system Multi Warehouse

Manage and maintain multiple warehouses and strategically assign them to locations.

digital ad platform Landed cost

Determine the actual costs by using MTC’s sophisticated landed cost module.

b2b travel portal Accounting Tool

Integrated accounting tool for an efficient revenue and payout calculation. Financial reports.

asset management system Profitability Report

Reports on profitability and margins for better forecasts and business decisions.

digital ad platform Product Variants

Inbuilt concept of product variants, bundles, kits and to facilitate consumer needs.

b2b travel portal Job Scheduler

Schedule delivery jobs by selecting customers and field employees.

asset management system Track Jobs

Map View and Calendar View are available for every assigned job.

digital ad platform Notifications

Customer receive delivery updates, ETA and view transit on map.

b2b travel portal Employee productivity

Evaluate employee performance from productivity reports.

asset management system Route Planner

Plan routes for delivery personnel and drops multiple shipments on the way.

digital ad platform Delivery receipt

Get customer signature electronically on delivery receipts.

b2b travel portal Feedback System

The customer feedback system helps to increase brand value.

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