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Case Study

Custom Compounding and Manufacturing ERP helps Rubber Manufacturing Company achieve a 21% productivity boost.


Rubber Products Manufacturing | Process Manufacturing Software | Production Management

The global market for manufacturing and process control is expected to grow from $86.7 billion in 2020 to $117.7 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% for the period of 2020-2025.

The client is a leading rubber manufacturer with multiple production units in different countries and was using a traditional ERP system for their production and operations management. Due to change in technology and continuously evolving manufacturing processes, their previous solution couldn’t support their future growths.

DreamzTech developed a custom manufacturing ERP Software which was cloud-based and supported global manufacturing resource planning and manufacturing operations management. The client needed a modern ERP Solution for manufacturing industry for their production planning and operations.

Client wanted to have end-to-end rubber compounding solution. The solution will include version control, manufacturing bill of materials and cost, inventory system for manufacturing raw materials and finished products, manufacturing order management along with quality systems.

Key Challenges

  • Inefficient manufacturing planning –

    Most rubber products manufacturing companies face Inefficient planning issues due to lack of visibility into the historical data

  • Decentralized Control –

    Traditional Manufacturing ERP Software exhibits high chance of human error in production due to unavailability of centralized production parameter controls for formulation of recipe and revisions

  • Lack of Predictive Analysis –

    For order driven manufacturing units, predictive analysis plays an important role in forecasting stock and machinery availability

  • Poor Manufacturing Inventory –

    Not having right inventory for production and insights on manufacturing inventory could reduce profitability because of poor inventory management

  • Inefficient waste control –

    Inefficient waste control and re-usage resulting in low profit margin.

  • Lack of collaborative CRM system –

    Customer satisfaction is highly impacted due to inconsistencies in sales order fulfillment

  • Compliance issues –

    Statutory and financial non-compliance due to ineffective data management.

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The Solution

DreamzTech has developed custom manufacturing ERP for Rubber Manufacturing Process and Production Management with Industry 4.0 guidelines. Master Data are managed from the beginning and centrally controlled to ensure data consistency throughout the geographic locations. The developed Rubber Manufacturing ERP is a hybrid cloud architecture that allows you to adapt horizontally and vertically while customizing any process that best suits your business.

  • Edge Computing for faster processing –

     Edge computing to ensure low-latency in production and hybrid cloud architecture to ensure easy operations,monitoring and planning

  • Integrated CRM for Customers and Suppliers –

     In-built CRM for end to end customer data management, customers orders, shipment and other information.

  • Predictive Price List Analysis –

     The ERP comes with predictive data analytics that analyses past price trends to gauge and forecast the price of the products as per the market based on various pricing components.

  • Production & Manufacturing Control –

     Production planner starting from recipe making to finished goods, ensure best utilization of time by combining multiple similar jobs that reduces change over time and reduces the production cost.

  • Packaging and Presentations –

      Custom designed In-built templates for designing desired product packaging and presentations and share with customers

  • Production Process Management –

      Production Management is a journey based process management for better distribution and utilization of expertise as and when required.

  • IoT Sensor Integration –

     Real-time manufacturing process monitoring with IoT sensors for reporting and better maintenance of the machineries.

  • Demand and Supply Prediction –

     Predictive analysis of stock considering historical data, market demand and external sources to project market demand and to ensure 100% production up-time.

  • IoT enabled Stock Management –

      Intelligent alert and notification with auto-ordering system for critical raw materials to ensure optimum stock control.

  • Asset Tracking and Maintenance –

     IoT enabled stock control to track and trace raw materials, finished goods from pallet to packaging.


DreamzTech’s custom-developed manufacturing ERP for the customer has improved overall manufacturing planning, production and operations management. It also includes product life cycle in manufacturing, production operations and the process of manufacturing, and also keep track of their globally distributed manufacturing units and vendors, and clients.

An Architecture:
An Architecture that drives scalability, process flexibility and data security and supported their growth.

Optimized Resource Utilization:
Optimized Resource Utilization due to efficient production planning and manufacturing operations management and brought approx. 18% improvement in manufacturing schedule compliance.

Stock Analysis:
Predictive Stock Analysis that supports uninterrupted production every time, Approx. 15% increase in Stock Efficiency.

IoT enabled:
IoT enabled stock control to track and trace raw materials and finished goods from pallet to package, With multi-point Manufacturing QMS Systems in place.

Manufacturing Operations Management:
An efficient Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) which reduced around 50% in effort and approx. 21% improvement in production efficiency and 8% reduction in raw material waste.

Integration with various machines to fetch real-time production data helps client to have real-time visibility on production process. The Solution offers Sage API Integration for accounts related data interchange.

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