Digital Billboard Management Solution

DreamzTech Digital Billboard and Display Management Solution is a powerful and easy-to-use content management system integrated with IoT sensors for your displays that helps you to control your content (images, text, video, weather information) in 5 simple steps!

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Digital Billboard Management : Manage Signage or Billboard in just 5 click.

Any Content Any Time

The digital billboard management solution allows you to update any type of content ( image, video, ticker, html, live streaming and many more) in real-time.

IoT Sensors

In the public sector or government level the solution can give its impact by integrating various types of IoT sensors like weather sensor, PM2 sensor, and many more

Android App For Instant Message

The solution comes in as an android mobile app solution that helps you to publish instant critical information to your customers from your mobile.

Remote Monitoring

Watch all your billboard’s live status and monitor them real-time from the backend of the solution.Get instant alerts if a billboard goes offline, so that you can provide on-time support.

Schedule CMS Update

Holiday or Midnight, now you don't need to take the hassle to update your contents, the digital billboard management solution helps you to pre schedule content update and get relaxed.

Cloud Based Solution

Our Solution comes with one small pocket size media box and a cloud based digital billboard cms which takes just 5 minutes to configure and run the system.

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