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Digital Archiving Online Solution

In the digital world, when most people like to read it on their mobile gadgets like phones and tablets when billions of people have access to current affairs on their phones through thousands on available online platforms but not for books, periodicals, and literature of the past. Digital archiving comes as a boon in this situation. Digitizing books, periodicals and literature archives gives users the ability to search for and collect information easily. It helps in research, determine trends with historical and political analysis. DreamzTech has developed a Digital Document Archive Platform for one of our clients in the publishing industry to address the above. Our solution enables our client to create a digital archive in a format to efficiently manage and preserve history while saving space, time and money.

Business Problems

The client was facing the following business problems prior to implementation:

  • Unavailability of a platform for view and read archived contents of the past.
  • Difficulty to go to multiple public libraries for accessing the physical archive of newspapers and magazines.
  • Difficulty in searching the library of archived content for research.
  • Interrelating digitized contents from different sources for better results.

Solutions We Provided

The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution team.

  • Creation of an online platform for digitized content and allow users to read and search content.
  • Creation of the platform from which the readers could access historical news for research.
  • Implementation of Apache Solr on the platform that enables users to search through digital content using filters, keywords.
  • Multiple Libraries & Historical Societies, Newspaper Publishers, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions connected together to serve contents.

Approach from DreamzTech

DreamzTech got the opportunity to walk on this exceptional with this client to provide a cutting edge solution in the available budget. As the customer ventured into their digital transformation journey they sought support from a software partner with expertise in the areas of new-age technology and consulting.

asset management system REQUIREMENT DOCUMENT

DreamzTech engaged onshore Business Analysts to interview stakeholders from the client to document and elicit requirements. They worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects for further elicitation.

digital ad platform PROJECT PLANNING

The architects from DreamzTech analyzed existing software against requirements to determine Technology to be used, database structure, data flow and microservices. Agile Project plan and backlog document and sprints are planned.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

Our team comprising Project Manager, Tech Lead, UX/UI Developers, Programmers and Quality Analysts worked with the client for 6 months to deploy first alpha and continued for over 5 years following Agile methodology to release multiple versions and updates.

Services We Provided


DreamzTech helped a daily newspaper publisher digitize a massive, over 2 billion records and worked with them throughout the life cycle. We offered end-to-end archiving service starting from scanning, OCR, storage process till SOLR search Engine implementation. DreamzTech team designed and developed a tool for online readers/researchers to seamlessly search and read the papers online through Mobile and Tablet. The tool was loaded with robust utility features highlight, snip, zoom and download.

Key Application Features

asset management systemCONTENT DIGITIZED

OCR and microfilming to digitize content.

digital ad platform INDEXING

Indexing services to facilitate quick search and filtering features.

b2b travel portal MULTI TENANT

Customizable websites for different libraries to access content online through paid / free subscriptions.

automated oil change CONTENT GROUPING

Smart grouping of digitized contents by date, month, year, decade into different categories.

fleet management -asset management ADVANCED SEARCH

Advanced Search, Text Highlight, Crop, Zoom and Share snippets from digital contents.

automated oil change FULL TEXT SEARCH

Keyword search and highlight with the aid of Apache Solr for Full-text search, Hit highlighting, Faceted search, Real-time Indexing, and Dynamic clustering.

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Apache Solr



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