Build A Webkon Instant App For Your Healthcare Office

Webkon makes scheduling appointments and patient management, easy.

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Doctor Solution - Improve Your Customer Experience

Digital Promotions

Digital promotions can help doctors list down the specialities and treatments with pricing. They can also promote their clinic via social media.

Online Appointment Booking

Patients can easily book their appointments online for consultation or treatment purpose according to their suitable and available time.

Cost effective Branding & Promotions

Increases leads and generate sales which helps in ability to stand out among your competitors.

Improves user experience and patient engagements with hassle free solutions.

Quick Information

Finding detailed information

Patients can easily access all of the information about the doctor. They can also reach the doctor by submitting a quick form about their queries.

Offline Content Reading

Services without internet

Patients can also even check the app or read the contents offline. It helps them to interact easily with the platform and offers a hassle free system.

Reviews & Feedback

Examination becomes easier

Patients can easily check the reviews and feedback of the doctor and about the clinic.

Easy Appointment

Online appointment system

Clients can easily book their appointments online for consulting purpose.

Digital Promotions

Promoting the clinic digitally

Digital promotions can help doctors list down the specialities and treatments with pricing. They can also promote their clinic via social media.

Push Notification

Reach the patients quickly

The push notifications help to reach the patients quickly with no time and to convey them the present ongoing campaigns.

Data Analytics for improved revenue

Tailor your services

With the help of Advanced Data Analytics, you can capture, observe, and analyse data that can help to grow your business.

Campaign Booster

Re-engaging of patients

Creating campaign for upcoming events, special treatments etc and publish them. Create & distribute coupons to promote the limited offers to the patients.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing

Users can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast your app on Facebook, in an online ad, QR code, or text message.

SMS Marketing

Many benefits and at little cost

Clients can easily locate the property location via tracing of Geo Location. It will help them to find the destination quickly without any hassle.


24/7 support desk

Chatbots will enable 24/7 support desk & transfer the comfort and ease to the end customer by giving the real time assistance.

Our process in 4 easy Steps

  • DreamzTech Solutions & Technology Services Select the targeted Industry for your business. Add your company / business details.
  • DreamzTech Solutions & Technology Services Choose your Mobile Web App design from pre-designer templates. Customize with easy drag and drop features
  • DreamzTech Solutions & Technology Services Add content, images, menu list, use GEO Target based push notification and other relevant features which you want to show to your customers
  • DreamzTech Solutions & Technology Services Publish your Mobile Web App in a Single Click. Share your app link through Beacons, Social Media etc.

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