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DreamzTech has developed many solutions for the Media and entertainment industry. The rapid advances in digital content processing, the Internet, IT and cloud technologies are allowing content creators and distributors in the media and entertainment industry to work more closely and effectively to provide consumers an ever-increasing array of options.
Custom software solutions are developed to address key business challenges in this industry like improving customer intimacy and operational efficiency.

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Our solution helps Media and Entertainment companies in broadening their content delivery platforms and offerings. DreamzTech is in a unique position to bring ideas from the whiteboard into the market through UI/UX design, programming, testing, system integration, and product sustainability.

Video-Sharing Platform

We have developed a video sharing platform where anyone can register and share a video and watch videos without being registered. The platform is similar to YouTube where users can watch content specifically for them and expand their watching zone. We have experience in creating a Targeted Advertisement system that allows advertisements to reach as per viewers’ preferences and advertisers to fetch their exact audience so ads profitability is increasing. We developed a revenue-sharing model enabling businesses to pay using the seamless payment for their ads and share the revenue with platform and uploaders with monthly manual/scheduled Payouts direct into account. We also do video transcoding and using CDN for a seamless user experience.

Digital Archiving Platform

Digital archiving comes as a boon in this situation. Digitizing books, periodicals and literature archives gives users the ability to search for and collect information easily. It helps in research, determine trends with historical and political analysis. DreamzTech developed a Digital Document Archive Platform in the publishing industry to address the archive contents digitally. Our solution enables our client to create a digital archive in a format to efficiently manage and preserve history while saving space, time and money.
Multiple Libraries & Historical Societies, Newspaper Publishers, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions can be connected together to serve contents for research and analysis and create open/closed network.

OTT Platform

We have developed a platform that can stream across a variety of platforms with built-in support for various monetization models by developing a cross-platform compatible OTT service. Offering access to the platform like laptops, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, etc. helps initiate and perform the playback regardless of time or device.
We are experienced in creating OTT platform capable of multiple file-formats and adaptive bitrate delivery is critical to your OTT publishing to convert videos into multiple formats compatible with a wide range of devices like Web, Mobile and TV.
We also use the right CDN to support balances the user demand from a global audience. CDNs monitor the network to measure bandwidth and latency and prevent issues before impacting the audience. By transmitting data from video players to get constant video quality data, adjustments can be made on the go.

Digital Publishing Solutions

We develop digital publishing software to make creating, editing and designing for print a seamless process. We also develop responsive-design publication tools incorporated with social media tools to increase brand exposure. We develop software that integrates content management system (CMS) features into all forms of digital publications.

Digital Asset Management

We create cloud-based DAM software to offer flexible access to data from any device type. We use cloud storage like AWS S3 or Azure Storages custom repositories with quick and easy asset retrieval for the entertainment industry. We can program solutions to integrate seamlessly with third-party software like Stripe, PayPal, Twilio, OpenTok or any software that has API / JSON.


Live Video Streaming Social Networking

We develop cutting edge streaming software to enable digital media creators to reach their audience faster and easier than ever before. We create multi-device enabled platforms to provide powerful streaming capabilities including multi-camera operations, live web streams, virtual sets and more. We program mobile and web-based media players to play common video files and offer custom features for personal control.
We can develop professional solutions for the entertainment industry with Professional-grade streaming for any device while complying with content protection to handle increasingly growing user numbers.
We integrate with best solution providers like OpenTok, Wowza, and media players like Brightcove, JWPlayer, Brid Tv and other powerful options to work on web streams with best available content delivery networks.



Online Video Sharing Platform

Our client approached us to develop a video sharing platform where anyone who has a specific user role can share a video. The platform allows businesses to list themselves and business owners can share video content to publicize their business. The platform is a hyper-local video platform where users can watch content specifically for them and expand their watching zone. It’s a paid video sharing website to provide a platform for businesses and individuals to interact with each other through sharing video content. The user who uploads video can earn money while other users watch his videos. Specific Ads Targeting system allows advertisements to reach as per viewers’ preferences and advertisers to fetch their exact audience so ads profitability is increasing.
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PWA Solution For Online Gaming

The client wanted to develop an online gaming platform for all the users, based on rodeo events that take place in different parts of their country. The client wanted to build a gaming platform where the users will be able to participate in a game of guessing the score or time on a rodeo event for a particular rodeo participant. Depending on the accuracy of the predicted score by the users compared to the rodeo participants score, users will be able to win prizes. Dreamztech implemented a fully functional PWA gaming platform for Rodeoguess where users could experience live video streaming and live audio streaming of rodeo events and participate in the game with the option of winning prizes. Dreamztech is providing support to the client to date.
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