Facility Management Solution

Be the firm that every industry counts on. Optimize asset utilization, provide quality maintenance, automate work order generation and allocation, and more—all with low overhead and high client security.

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Ensure smooth and efficient functioning across facilities.

Perform site inspections from the comfort of your chair.

Know what's happening at all times. Check the statuses of equipment and employees, track maintenance work, view work orders and expenses, and more, on comprehensive dashboards.

Manage inventory, vendors, and expenses.

Handle the asset life cycle from procurement to disposal, complete with vendor details and expenses. Monitor stock levels and set thresholds for the app to automatically generate and place purchase orders to respective vendors.

Streamline work order management.

Get work orders generated automatically whenever a request is placed. Prioritize orders, perform cost estimation, allocate resources, prepare and send bills of services—with the app sending alerts and notifications every step.

Reduce downtime with proper maintenance.

Schedule routine maintenance, collect real-time data, and log maintenance history, to predict and prevent issues. Get instant alerts on equipment malfunctions, take prompt action, and get your systems up and running fast.

Carry your app in the field.

With the native app automatically available on mobile and tablet, you can update data and stay connected to your team when in the field. Upload and annotate photos, record comments, use the barcode scanner to mass-enter inventory details, and more.

Centralize data management.

Manage site, employee, and inventory information from one place. Add, delete, or update data across modules and other integrated apps in a single action, without switching tabs. Set permissions based on roles and limit access with granular control.

Facility Management Solution : Experience the Improved Efficiency with Power of Automation.

Asset Tracking and Management

Track Easily with RFID, QR Codes

Our solution helps you to track the location of all physical assets of the facility, as well as who is in possession of them. Employee self-check-in and check-out are integrated with embedded barcode/QR scanner software, and the RFID scanners across the facility can locate assets at all times. In result, as a business, you can reduce the loss of assets and plan the depreciation schedule.

Work Order Management

Simplify & Automate Work Orders

Our solution is extremely easy to use for end-users on both the facility management side, as well as the employee side. It allows for new work orders to be easily created from both mobile and desktop devices of the location or item that needs maintenance. Our maintenance and workplace management modules can automate work orders and send out pre-written emails to third-party maintenance services on a scheduled basis or upon equipment failures.

Email & Notifications

Ensure Smooth & Better Communication

The Email & Notifications Module facilitates communication among core administrators of the organization to maintain workflow and maximize productivity. Automated Email and Notifications include reminders for appointments, job allocation, updates on work order status and submissions, and invoice information. The solution helps to keep the business organized; never missing a submission, request, or reservation.


24x7 Live Support

Our Chatbot module helps you to automatically perform tasks such as moderating requests, providing first-level support, and assisting field technicians. As a smart helpdesk, It provides 24x7 live support and also helps in reducing operational cost by limiting the back office employees.

Log Reporting

Immutable Maintenance Logs

As a part of CMMS, our solution provides Maintenance Rounds Routine module using which organizations can confirm maintenance tasks are done diligently. Exclusively, we have option to add blockchain technolgy to make sure log reports are immutable and can be used for any audit reporting.

Reporting System

Powerful Insight

The solution provides a powerful set of customizable reports such as Comprehensive costs associated with labor hours, inventory, Equipment histories, Resource allocation and performance, Monthly work order reports. It overall supports in strategic decision-making and makes a positive impact on your organisation’s bottom line.

Offer Management

Improve Security Rapidly

The Facial Recognition solution works very efficiently for Security Industry. The solution can help the School, Office management, Gym or Construction sites to keep record of Time, Attendance and Access Control for their student, employee, members or workers.

Maintenance & Testing

Know Your Customer Better

The customized solution can help retailers to get the traffic data of in-store customers and also can reduce the time in billing desk by implementing customer recognition feature.

Qualification Matrix Management

Protect Patient Health Data

As per HIPPA norms the customized solution can help the healthcare organizations to access the patient health data securely from remote places and help them to protect against any data breaches that can lead to fraud and medical identity theft.

More flexibility. More power.

  • Customize. Tune the app to your needs. White-label the app with your organization's domain and logo, use a customer portal to provide safe logins to your clients and employees
  • Access offline. View reports and enter data from your phone even when you're offline—your data automatically gets synced to the application as soon as you're connected.
  • Integrate. Easily integrate with your favorite third-party tools like QuickBooks, Marketo, and Salesforce, to ensure seamless data flow.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increase Staff Productivity

Boost Operational Ffficiency

Reduce Repair And Maintenance Costs

Enable Supplier Diversity

Ensure Contract SLA and Contractor Compliance

Source New, Qualified Contractors as Needed

Increase Overall Portfolio Revenues

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