Food Order Delivery & Takeaway App

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Food Order Delivery & Takeaway App

This client is very popular in Singapore for their desserts & smoothies. The Client wanted to develop a consumer-facing mobile app to boost customer experience and hence improve sales. They want to take the on-demand food delivery business to the next level by providing easy, intuitive and satisfying user experience to all the users.
Dreamztech has provided a platform with a Progressive Web App(PWA) solution where all the user features from a food ordering and delivery app were integrated into a single functional platform. The platform is designed for the customers, delivery persons, and business owner types. We integrated the functionalities of discovering the dishes, selecting dishes from menus, placing the order and real-time status tracking of order in the mobile apps. We also developed the interface for delivery person and for backend, integrated the Stripe & Paypal Payment Gateway and built intuitive graphics.​​

Business Problems

The client was facing the following business problems.

  • Difficulty in managing customer orders during rush time.
  • Delayed and poor customer service.
  • Price model that doesn’t continuously fluctuate and push sales.
  • Customers opting for a restaurant that provides online ordering.
  • Difficulty in managing the delivery assignment.
  • Customers losing their interest in other restaurants with better delivery service.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • We created a PWA with an integrated E-commerce solution.
  • Easy order placement feature designed from a friendly usability perspective.
  • The ability to pay for their orders beforehand.
  • Automatic assignment of the delivery person based on availability.
  • Real-Time Tracking of Food Delivery status.
  • Offering coupons and special prices to attract more customers.

Approach from DreamzTech

With the advent of the digital era, the client wanted to develop a consumer-facing mobile app to boost customer experience and hence improve sales.
After proper analysis, planning and deployment DreamzTech provided the client with the PWA solution where all the user features from a food ordering and delivery app were integrated into a single functional platform.

asset management systemANALYSIS

Our business analysts discussed with the client stakeholders to understand their needs & the features they wanted to implement. The architects from DreamzTech analyzed the workflow and worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects for further elicitation.

digital ad platformPLANNING

After a detailed analysis of the project requirements, architects analyzed the technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices to be implemented. The plan was segregated into phases.

b2b travel portalDEPLOYMENT

Our team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts worked with the client for 5 months following Agile methodology for technology implementation. Due support was provided during implementation and continued to date.

Services We Provided


Dreamztech helped the client meet the growing demands of their customers and keep up the pace with evolving technologies and evolving business strategies.
As of today, the client provides end to end on-demand food ordering solutions to their customers in such a way that customers can choose the food the way they want.

Key Application Features

The PWA food ordering platform owned by the client constitutes several Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

automated oil changeCATALOG LIBRARY

Create and manage catalogs. Browse and search for dishes. Organize catalogs by category.

fleet management -asset managementCUSTOMIZE ORDER

Customers can customize their order by selecting favorite toppings.

asset order manageEASY ORDERING

Customers can select any dishes and cuisine from any number of menus and add them to the shopping cart from a single page.

asset management systemPRICING

Customer level pricing. Seasonal pricing. Sales program with offers and special discounts.

digital ad platformPAY & PLACE ORDER

Customers can pay securely right from their mobile APP. They can pay using Paypal, credit card or can also select cash to pay at delivery or during self pick up.

b2b travel portal PUSH NOTIFICATION

The customer receives a notification on the real-time status of the order. Admin can also send proportional push notification to the customer.

asset management systemDRIVER APP

The driver can view the next delivery details on the home screen. They can get the route direction and can change the delivery status from the home screen quickly.

digital ad platformAPPS FOR ALL

Separate apps for customers, delivery men, and restaurant back office. Share related APP URL to access.

b2b travel portalCUSTOMER DATABASE

Customer details that are provided during registration through the app are saved in the customer database and access of it is limited to the admin only.

automated oil changeDELIVERY ASSIGNMENT

The customer can see the expected time of delivery and delivery person assigned. The delivery person can view the assigned delivery from his APP and have options to change status which can be tracked by the customer.

fleet management -asset managementREPORTING

Dashboard for the restaurant with charts and statistics for a quick overview of recent orders and revenues.

Technology Overview









Angular JS

Restful API



MS SQL Server




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