Golf Scorecard, Shot Tracking & GPS App

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Golf Scorecard, Shot Tracking & GPS App

The client is a US-based Golf Advertising company that helps golf courses and local businesses prosper through marketing and advertising services. They are the largest provider of golf websites, scorecards, course guides, Pin sheets and yardage guides in the United States. The client intended to develop a golf scorecard and course finder app with unique features like live scoring with friends, satellite imagery and dynamic yardage and shot tracking. DreamzTech developed this app for Android and iPhone platforms. The app has gained a massive response from golfers and advertisers alike since its launch in mid-2019.

Business Objective

The client wanted a solution comprising the following qualities::

  • GPS based nearby Golf Course directory for any country.
  • Golf course proximity alert for app users.
  • Simple digital scorecard to play golf with friends in a course.
  • Adjustable satellite view of holes with par, yardage and distance info.
  • Dynamic yardage and shot tracking on every hole.
  • Realtime location of a player on the satellite view of the hole map.
  • Auto recording and history of games and scorecards.
  • Monetization with Google AdSense.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • The app tracks user’s geolocation to display nearby courses, with distance, in list and map.
  • The app receives a push notification whenever a user gets within 0.25 miles of a course.
  • Enter scores on behalf of friends or let them join a game from their phone. Scores updated in real-time.
  • Zoom in / out, see the hole and put location, plan shots on the satellite view of the hole.
  • Drag pointer to change yardage, track shots and update yardage dynamically.
  • The player’s realtime location is displayed on the hole map for perfect shot tracking.
  • Shots and scorecards are saved to be accessed later from the app.
  • The backend admin can place both custom ads and AdSense ads in courses/screens.

Approach from DreamzTech

Though there are several golf scorecard apps available in the market, the client wanted to build an app with unique features like satellite view, dynamic player location on the map, recording of shots and playing with friends. DreamzTech got the opportunity to develop the app for iPhone and Android users. Our team of analysts researched the features of several apps figured out ways of improvement and overcame technology challenges for implementation.

asset management system DISCOVERY

Since the offshore team lacked functional know-how of the golf game, DreamzTech engaged onshore Analyst to work with the client and gather initial requirements. The offshore technology experts analyzed the requirements against features of similar available apps.

digital ad platform ENGINEERING

The advanced features that the client desired were dependent on the use of the latest technology platforms and several third-party integrations. DreamzTech Architects had to make sure that all platforms were compatible with each other and the intended technology of the base app.

b2b travel portal EXECUTION

DreamzTech followed Agile methodology for project delivery. The whole project was broken into several planned releases and each release was further broken into several sprints. The core features were developed as part of the first release to be released in-app store and play store.

Services We Provided


The technologically advanced features of the app coupled with simplicity, speed and reliability have attracted over 40 users per month to download the app. The growing number of players using the app has attracted local businesses around golf courses to advertise their services and products in the app.


450+ Downloads Till Date.

There has been over 450 downloads from the app store and play store.


4.7Avg Rating.

Combined average rating in the app store and play store.


$2.5 k/m Average Earnings.

Over $2500 earned every month from AdSense and local businesses.

Key Application Features

The application developed by DreamzTech is rich with advanced features like GPS, live scoring and proper shot tracking. The app has benefitted the client, golfers and small businesses alike.

asset management system COURSE LIST

Over 12000 courses listed based on proximity. Distance to course displayed. Scroll to load.

digital ad platform MAP VIEW

View nearby courses on the map. Zoom out to view more courses at distant locations.

b2b travel portal SEARCH FOR COURSE

Quickly search for a course by entering a keyword and view all details of the course.

automated oil change COURSE PROXIMITY

The user’s location is tracked in background. They receive a push notification when they approach a course.

fleet management -asset management SATELLITE VIEW

Open satellite view of all holes in all courses. Zoom in/out to view terrain and plan shots.

asset order manage SHOT TRACKING

Shot tracking available for every hole. Recorded shots displayed with a separate color.

asset management system DYNAMIC YARDAGE

Change yardage for tracking shots. View distance to the whole. View your location on the hole map.

digital ad platform SIMPLE SCORECARD

Easy to use scorecard with step-up/down buttons for score entry. The total score calculated instantly.


When playing with friends view quick comparison of total score entered by all players.

asset management system LIVE SCORING

Scores entered by your friends in the same game are updated in your app in real-time.

digital ad platform PLAY WITH FRIENDS

Enter score on behalf of friends or invite them over social media to join you from their phone.

b2b travel portal HISTORY

End game to access the scorecard from history. Shots are also recorded and stored.

Technology Overview















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