Kegs & Casks Tracking & Management for Brewers

With Blockchain IoT based Asset Tracking Platform, we provided a solution to automate the process of keg tracking and managing their kegs efficiently. It enables the assets to integrate with business processes in a shared and immutable ledger – increasing trust and transparency across ecosystems.

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Kegs & Casks Tracking & Management for Brewers

Track with RFID

Using Digital Biometric Technology, the solution identifies unique characteristics from a face input i.e an image or video source and recognize a user real-time.

Get Insight with Power BI

The solution monitors and throws real-time alerts in the application which helps businesses to supervise data remotely .

Grow Revenue Rapidly

The solution detects and logs any unauthorized entry and generates analytical report for decision making.

Facial Recognition Solution : Improved Monitoring. Assured Protection.


Improve Security Rapidly

The Facial Recognition solution works very efficiently for Security Industry. The solution can help the School, Office management, Gym or Construction sites to keep record of Time, Attendance and Access Control for their student, employee, members or workers.


Know Your Customer Better

The customized solution can help retailers to get the traffic data of in-store customers and also can reduce the time in billing desk by implementing customer recognition feature.


Protect Patient Health Data

As per HIPPA norms the customized solution can help the healthcare organizations to access the patient health data securely from remote places and help them to protect against any data breaches that can lead to fraud and medical identity theft.


Improve Target Marketing

The solution can help marketers to improve Target Marketing which can potentially support enhance the customer loyalty program.


Tag Photos Automatically

Using this solution, we can help businesses to create social media applications that can help their users to tag their images ( Facebook does) through Face Recognition Technology and users in dating sites can also find their matches based on facial feature analyzation.


Identifies Threat

The customized solution can help to identify threats on crowds at stadium, airport, railway station or any gathering and send instant notification to take action.

Benefits of Kegs & Casks Tracking & Management

  • Improved accuracy of container - planning & availability forecasting
  • Identify, justify and schedule - new container purchases requirements
  • Minimize - ongoing capital expenditure
  • Identify and manage fraudulent activity – e.g. keg theft
  • Asset Book Control – population size
  • Optimize Fleet Usage – identify and rectify inefficiency
  • Maintenance Management – minimise trade complaints

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