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Robotic solutions provider utilizes Custom developed Laboratory Information Management System, witnessing 28% growth

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A South African Company provides Robotic solutions to biological, industrial, metallographic, pharmaceutical, coal, mines and construction industry. They were using various equipment to collect the sample data. There were no maintenance management system to manage the breakdowns. Visibility of the device performance was missing. They were looking for a customized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with maintenance management that tracks and monitor breakdowns or idle time statistics of the equipment and generate KPI reports.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is developed to maintain multiple Sites, Labs, Machines including Parts for their clients. DreamzTech developed a system which captures the sample profiling information and also the equipment status data to track Key performance. For sudden breakdowns, it create jobs or maintenance work order and assign those to the technicians. The system sends alert for scheduled maintenance of the lab equipment before the maintenance date. It is integrated with dynamic DevExpress report to prepare statistical reports according to user requirement.

Key Challenges

  • Digital monitoring of the Laboratory equipment –

    Due to lack of a digital Laboratory Information Management System, centralized availability of equipment data was missing. This poses a challenge to Control and track all aspects of the laboratory.

  • Expensive maintenance –

    Due to lack of systematic maintenance processes, unexpected cost incurred due to untimely breakdown. Sometimes they misplaced the warranty card and the company has to spend money for maintenance even within the warranty period

  • No Visual representation of data –

    Lack of intelligent data driven visual and pictorial representation of reports slows down the decision making process.

  • Manual monitoring of machines –

    Constant Manual monitoring of machines leads to unnecessary cost overheads that has no direct contribution to overall productivity

  • Unorganized Records –

    There were no digital management of records. This causes unavailability of the documents when those are most required, if the physical documents are misplaced.

  • Inventory Management –

    Lack of systematic Inventory management leads to misinformation and confusion around availability of Asset and parts. This caused financial impact in maximizing the Production efficiency.

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The Solution

DreamzTech developed a cloud based laboratory information management system integrated with the equipment APIs to get data into the system. IoT data driven accuracy ensures accurate analysis of business data. The system also tracks the idle time due to breakdowns. Moreover, the Solution provides standard Asset maintenance process flow including preventive maintenance. It is integrated with DevExpress report solution for dynamic reporting experience. The system is integrated with twilio integration, SMS gateway for sending SMS. It uses sendgrid integration for email sending functionalities. Following are the basic functionalities that DreamzTech has implemented.

  • Statistics of Breakdown –

    System keeps a record of systematically sorted breakdowns. It helps user to identify the causes and the required steps to repair them

  • Scheduled Maintenance –

    System provides option to users to set the interval of maintenance. This Interval might be time or meter based. Automatic and efficient scheduling of maintenance tasks to send alerts for job / work order assignment to technician

  • Performance KPIs –

    The solution has detailed and graphical analysis of real time data in an easy-to-read dashboard of the asset status. It helped manager with the information of the performance records. It helps to improve and optimize specific systems and equipment to their full capacity.

  • Shift scheduling –

    System provides a convenient scheduling tool that allows for the systematic integration and tracking of rostering data of maintenance work order to the technicians

  • Inventory tracking –

    The system provides an efficient inventory tracking that displays key information about the assets including the status of parts.

  • Visualisation of Sample flow –

    System can generate an interactive visualisation of sample data. It helps to identify and prevent possible areas of flow congestion. A collection of automatically generated reports tailored to requirements, distributed in a platform-independent manner.

  • Interactive dashboards

    An information management tool that visually tracks and analyses key data to monitor performance.

  • Custom reporting –

    User can create dynamic reports according to their need, leveraging the integrated DevExpress Report

  • MTTR and MTBF reporting –

    Predictive maintenance & decision making is easy through the MTBF, MTTR reports. Also it has number of analytical reports regarding the asset and maintenance.

  • Alerts & Notifications –

    The system notifies the technicians when a maintenance task is assigned. System provides various alert and notifications to keep all stakeholders informed.

  • Robotic interactions–

    The solution also provides the option to control machines from a user interface using PLC/SCADA /IOT

  • Technology:

    Back End : MVC.NET 5.2.3 | MVC Web Api 5.2.3
    Front End : Bootstrap 3.3.6 | Jquery 3.5.1 | DevExtreme 21.2.6
    Reporting Tool: DevExpress 21.2.4
    Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2018


After using the customized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for an year, It clearly showed that It increased the revenue by 28%, efficiency by 30% and saved 10 – 15% maintenance time.

Process Automation :
Automated process leads to huge savings on maintenance cost

Preventive maintenance:
Automated scheduled preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance helps to reduce idle time

Process Efficiency:
The implementation of the solution resulted in operational efficiency

Minimize Downtime:
Preventive maintenance process in the system reduces sudden breakdown. The system keeps track of root causes for the breakdowns, analyse those which helps in finding solution to the issue

Interactive Dashboard & Reports:
It has number of interactive dashboards. MTTR, MTBF and various Maintenance KPI reports available. These reports Improved visibility and supports in quick decision making

Sensor Data:
The solution captures data from equipment using IoT devices that helps in accurate analysis of business data

The Laboratory Information Management System helps in process control automation. The software becomes powerful enough with third party integration. It provides better dynamic Reporting experience after integrating DevExpress Report. It uses Sendgrid Integration for sending mail, Twilio integration for sending.SMS

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