Local Directory App for Bar and Restaurants

Encourage people in clubbing while you grow business.

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The solution consists of the three interconnected components


Progressive Web App for Customer

Listing of all the nearby bars is available. All the products and service informations for these bars are always accessible to customer digitally and in real-time, even when they are not connected to internet. E-commerce integrated seamlessly


Club Owner Portal

Club owners can manage the bar’s listing. They can control the in-house bar menu, events, offers, etc from this portal. The business owner will have sole control over their business structure through the app.


Super Administration Portal

Super admin can manage the bar listing. They can control the reservations, payment notifications, email templates, camera settings, etc from this portal. The super admin will have sole control on the app through this portal.

Why US?

  • The Club and Pub promotion platform is a professional ready solution which provides global customers with an improved experience using both PCs and mobile devices.
  • Distribute the app link using existing sales and social media channels and your customers can simply click on it to get connected.
  • Integration of Live Camera and Live Videos will encourage more customers to enroll with your app.
  • The user friendly Admin console gives the business owner the freedom to manage the business and drive growth by maximizing customer reach.
  • We provide flexible, affordable pricing plans to club owners.

Customers PWA

Easy Search

Find it easy Let the customers search the list of pubs according to their needs. They can locate the nearest pubs through the map which shows the distance between the destination and current location

Easy Updates

Updates at Fingertips Customer can check all the updates for the clubs and pubs through the app. They can get easy updates for upcoming events, instant offers, etc. by opening the selected bar.

Easy Service Booking

Save your time Users can avoid the long wait in stores and chambers to book their preferred drinks. They can easily book their beverages through the app even during closed hours.

Live Camera

Watch live on the go Customers can watch the live videos from the bars directly on the app. This will encourage more customers to use the app.


Your Voice Matters The customers can share their reviews and comments regarding the bars they visit. This will encourage customer engagement as they feel their voice is important.

Onboarding Users

Stay logged in The customer do not have to separately login to the bar list and bar app. Once they login to the bar directory, they are automatically on boarded to the bar app directly from where they can enjoy their services.

Product Awareness

Let the Customers Know Publish the listing of the various products and services through the app. The users can browse the services according to their needs and book the same according to their preferred time.

Live Videos

Check that out The customer can check the regular videos to know the ambience of the bar they want to visit. This will help in customer engagement and encourage more users.

Club Owner Portal

Product Listing

Let It be Shown Use the admin portal to list the products and services for your users. Publish more detailed informations of products and services to attract more customers use the app.

Proximity Search

Win Win for all Multiple bars are enlisted under one app. However, the search is based on end user proximity. Hence, do not worry about your business not showing up to customers.

Social Media Marketing

Easy business sharing Users can launch the web app from a URL. You can also broadcast your business on Facebook, in an online ad, or text message. Introduction of Beacon technology helps you to send notifications through bluetooth sensors.

Role Management

Manage user Roles Set up your users and assign them various roles as per your choice. You can also edit and delete the users you have created as per your wish.

Business Analytics

Assess your business The club owner can check the business numbers instantly through the app. Just choose the service and you get the amount it generates for your business.

Push Notification

Reach the customers quickly

Super Admin Portal

Club Listing

Directory Listing The super admin has the right to approve all the bar listing on the app. They can choose to approve\decline a bar to be listed on the app.

Email Templates

Communication simplified The super admin has the right to create various communication templates. They can setup templates for easy communication with the club owners\end users.

Manage News Publish

Easy news and updates sharing News and updates can be shared by the super admin through this portal. Let the end users be always updated with the current situations.

Camera Management

Manage Camera Settings Set up\ approve the access of cameras for the various bars enlisted in the business. You can also edit and delete requests of bar owners for camera.

Payment Notification

Collect your debts Let the club owners know about their subscriptions. Send them notification alerts through the portal when their subscription is about to end.

Manage Contents

Decide the contents Decide the content you want to show the end users on the landing page. Super admins gets the benefit to edit and update the various contents of the home page.

Key Features of Progressive Event Engagement

Easy search based on distance and location

Integration of live camera and live video encourages more customers

With the reservation module, booking\reservation has become easy

Update the menu details whenever you want

The platform supports integration of multiple social media feeds.

Data Analytics and Business Insight to drive growth

Easy Branding & online Promotions through the app

Bypass App stores and launch app direct from the link with “Add to home screen” option

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