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NFT Marketplace Development

NFT marketplace development helps you to tokenize your valuable collectibles. This marketplace is powered by blockchain development services to give the users a secure and a safe experience. This marketplace also provides various features and specialisation over a wide range of tokenized offerings. NFT based tokenization gives investors a better opportunity to invest and improve their earnings.
At DreamzTech, as a pioneer in blockchain development, we offer a wide range of blockchain development services and solutions for different industries that enable security, transparency, traceability, immutability, automation and efficiency in business. To be a leading blockchain service provider and solution innovator, our 50+ skilled and experienced blockchain development team continuously adopts the latest technologies and tools and is dedicated to delivering the best quality software solutions.

NFT MarketPlace Development Services

The Non-Fungible Token Marketplace Development contributes to the Development of NFT platforms for executing and displaying of the rare Collectibles that include arts, music, in-game components, and attires.


Create an Exclusive platform to showcase individual uniqueness in the field of art.


Create an Extensive Marketplace to get in Rhythm and hold favorite music’s proprietorships.


Get into the gaming galaxy by holding fractional ownership of your favorite games and their accessories.

Digital Collectibles

Create your own Marketplace to showcase your rarest collections and bring them to trade-off using NFTs.


Showcase and display your Photography skills over a dedicated platform and trade-off for certain NFTs.


NFT Marketplace for Metaverses combine AR, VR and physical spaces within a single entity.


NFT Marketplace for Domains maintains a generic ledger to hold a certain set of Domains for future and further use.


NFT Marketplace in sports are mainly used to make use of trump cards that are different and unique in values.

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There are different ways of outsourcing software developers and unleashing the full power of the Top 1% IT Talent.

White Label NFT Marketplace

An expert autonomous team, typically composed by a PM, SW engineers, QA engineers and other roles, capable of rapidly and efficiently deliver end-to-end technology solutions and value.

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Custom NFT Store Development

Like other outsourcing software development companies, we can provide the additional boost to our client’s team with our pool of critical skill set.

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NFT MarketPlace by building platform with DreamzTech

DreamzTech the predominant Blockchain Development company develops and deploys NFT Marketplace to contribute to the exclusive users of Crypto collectibles.

Features of NFT Marketplace

The Non-Fungible Token Marketplace Development contributes to the Development of NFT platforms for executing and displaying of the rare Collectibles that include arts, music, in-game components, and attires.

NFT Minting

Decentralized Finance Development is the largest disruptive technology nowadays for financial system. It provides access to everyone to carry out major functions such as lending, borrowing, trading, investment, and risk management. As a top rated blockchain company, DreamzTech provides DeFi services and solutions that provide lot of benefits like DeFi applications provide services to people who do not have bank accounts, remove need of intermediaries so that transparency and operations can be carried out efficiently. The possibility of fraud also reduces as it is protected by blockchain in which transactions cannot be duplicated or altered. These solutions are also highly interoperable and provide users to have a control over their funds using their private keys.


It is the primary feature. DreamzTech helps you to create an NFT marketplace where users or artists can create their own NFT storefront and upload their digital arts and collectibles for sale. It should showcase the features like bids, preview, owners, price history, and more.


The rankings of non-fungible tokens (NFTS) should be identified with their volume, normal, cost, and other top insights. This allows the owners to perceive how much their tokens are popular and where they are on the lookout.


The NFT marketplaces allow users packaged administrations that allow them to list their tokens in bundle. A user can wrap up to 30 items, permitting them to sell a few tokens in lightening speed while paying a low gas fee.

Advanced Token Search

A customer gets detail and robust data on items he needs quickly and easily. An NFT marketplace has all items sorted by features (music, images, videos, art etc.) and NFT information like rarity, bid status, top price etc.

Creating Listings

Give a right to customers to develop and send collectibles. Ensure they can do that quickly and with no obstacles. Generate a page where customers can submit a file, typing in the specific item data. Such info as title, tags, and description is a must.


Users need a safe place to receive and store their non-fungible tokens. Not all options are suitable as some of them may have certain threats to the security of funds. That is why the NFT market service must have an initially inserted wallet for saving and submitting tokens with no fear.


This functionality is similar to the previous one as the main idea is helping choose the right product fast and effortlessly. Divide all offers into several categories that impact buyer’s decisions in most situations. Those can be prices, recent goods, hot offers, best-selling, and more. Users will pick items they need faster, and it increases the probability of buying them.


This characteristic is for newbies. Beginners may have no idea where to start from, how the system works, and how to choose items fast. Having a look at one’s rating to find out whether other users consider this specific seller a reliable one might be enough. Thanks to ratings, the platform’s participants can rate others and provide feedback based on their impressions. It will help others see how credible every user is. Users with the top ratings obtain attractive rewards.


After understanding and determining the features for an NFT marketplace platform, spend some time deciding on some tech aspects. You should also decide whether you wish to apply ready-to-use instruments or come up with your solution from scratch, investing even more time and money. Let’s see what might work better for you.

Bounty Program

After understanding and determining the features for an NFT marketplace platform, spend some time deciding on some tech aspects. You should also decide whether you wish to apply ready-to-use instruments or come up with your solution from scratch, investing even more time and money. Let’s see what might work better for you.


The NFT commercial center stage advancement empowers clients to make an assortment of postings, including fixed-value, Dutch closeout, and English sale postings. Each type of posting has its own strategy.

A merchant can make a Dutch sale by setting a beginning cost and finishing cost, and the length of the bartering. The merchant starts the closeout with a value that is higher than expected interest, and the cost slowly diminishes.

NFT Marketplace Clone Development

Opensea Clone NFT Marketplace Development

It is the most notable and broadly utilized commercial center for tokenizing an assortment of computerized expressions and other exceptional things into NFTs. We can help you to create NFT Marketplace like Opensea and allows users to create store/collection and sell/buy NFTs easily.

Rarible Clone Development

The task started as a commercial center for tokenizing computerized expressions and works of art to NFTs however has since extended to incorporate tokenization of different collectibles like embellishments and collectibles into NFTS.

Decendraland like NFT Marketplace Development

We are specialized in creating NFT games similar to the world’s one of the most NFT marketplaces like Decendraland. We implement enriched, intuitive graphics and integrate AR/VR and blockchain tehcnology to add a unique value to the system stand out from the competition.

Sorare like NFT Marketplace Development

Sorare NFT is a Non-Fungible Token Marketplace displaying the collectibles exclusively from the football world. Sorare processes nearly about 100+ recognized football clubs active in the current soccer world. In DreamzTech, we can provide clients Sorare Clone NFT Marketplaces that are featured with all similar functionalities like Sorare.

NBA Top Shot Clone Development

We can build NBA Top Shot Clone Script that is an NFT MarketPlace Platform for Sports that promotes the trading of events, player trump cards, match clips, signature moves of the National Basketball Association Tournament.

NFT Token Development Services

The NFT Token Development Services refers to the process of design and development of Non-Fungible Tokens of available standards that include the ERC721 Token development, ERC998 Token Development, and ERC1155 Token Development.

  • ERC 721

We provide solutions that are equipped to develop ERC-721 and ERC-20 token which are written in the solidity programming language and can be used for stablecoin development. Smart contracts on ethereum can be used mainly in industries such as healthcare, retail and financial services.

  • ERC 998

Our blockchain experts develop Smart contract on DeFi that can be used to carry out transactions smoothly and efficiently. It helps in settling claims, tracking assets and insurance easily.

  • ERC 1155

Smart contracts developed on TRON are highly secure because TRON is one of the best decentralized blockchain systems. Once the smart contract is activated it conducts the corresponding functions efficiently and smoothly.

NFT Marketplace Development on Various Blockchain Network

Our blockchain developers develop fast, efficient, and blockchain secure applications, DApps , NFT marketplace, crypto wallet and tokens, DeFi Apps etc. We have served startups and enterprises with blockchain development services in various latest blockchain platforms and also deployed our blockchain solutions to quickstart their digital transformation journey.

  • Hire Frontend Developers
  • Hire PHP Web Developers
  • Hire Java Developers
  • Hire Ruby on Rails Developers
  • Hire Python Developers
  • Hire Javascript Developers

Technology Stack We Use to Build NFT Markeplaces

  • Solidity

  • Web3.js

  • MongoDB

  • Express JS

  • Angular Js

  • Spring

  • ReactNativeJS

  • ReactJS

  • Node js

  • Nest js

Characteristics of NFT Markeplace


NFT’s are highly tradable which is possible because of its interoperable feature. This helps users to trade with the NFT on different virtual platforms. This also gives an opportunity to NFT token holders to have an advantage of bidding, bundling and selling their tokens in various other markets.

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It is very important that the tokens are standardized so that they can be used universally. Engineers therefore need to make all inclusive, tradable, inheritable norms for all non-fungible tokens by contributing non-fungible tokens to public blockchain. They need to incorporate essential natives like belonging, progress, and simple access control of tokenized objects.

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Non Fungible Tokens are highly tradable which makes them highly liquid. NFT tokens can be used as collaterals for cash. For momentary cash, NFT tokens can fill in as insurance for fluid money or other digital currencies. The market’s enormous pool of liquidity gives moment liquidity to a huge crowd. NFTs can possibly foster the market for stand-out computerized properties.

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Interoperability with various environments is conceivable with non-fungible symbolic principles (ERC 721 Token and ERC 1155 Token). When another NFT project is dispatched, the wallet suppliers that permit NFT exchanging the commercial center are advised right away. These undertakings can appear in one of the numerous commercial centers accessible. To accomplish this, the open norms give a straightforward, predictable, secure.

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Obviously, NFTs are totally programmable, similar to customary computerized properties. CryptoKitties (more on that later) constructed a reproducing system directly into the agreement that addresses the computerized felines. Numerous cutting edge NFTs have further developed mechanics, like producing, making, recovering, arbitrary creation, etc. The plan world is overflowing with potential outcomes.

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Savvy contracts permit designers to place a great deal of cash into the inventory of non-fungible tokens and execute lasting properties that are unalterable after their delivery. Just a specific measure of an uncommon thing is general automatically, as indicated by the maker. Engineers may likewise encode complex properties on-chain to guarantee that they don’t adjust over the long haul. This expands the innovation of your work.

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Why DreamzTech is best as a Blockchain Company?

  • 1. Experienced & dedicated blockhain developers: Our blockchain team is experienced and dedicated to meet the business requirements and the unique demands of the clients
  • 2. Presence in 5 global locations: We are based in five different locations such as India (Kolkata, Pune), USA( Tempe, San francisco, Dallas, New York, Las Vegas), England (Watford), Singapore and South Africa (Johannesburg) which helps us to work with a wide range of talent.
  • 3. Awards & Recognitions: DreamzTech has been announced among the most 10 recommended blockchain solution provider by CiO Insider and also awarded as winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program, India’s Growth Champions by The Economic Times and Accredited By BBB, Clutch, Google.
  • 4. An experienced blockchain company: DreamzTech is an early adapter in blockchain development services which help us to understand the market in a better way and our familiarity and expertise help us to deliver the blockchain solutions with 100% quality.
  • 5. Ready to use blockchain products: Our blockchain products can help businesses to enable the benefits of blockchain technology in their system and improvise and streamline their business operations.
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A blockchain is a digital ledger which saves data on ample number of computers being used all over the world. Blocks are information in the form of files, transactions or data. Every single block contains data of the previous block forming a chain. They are designed in such a way that it prevents any kind of modification in the upcoming days or in future. This sort of development is cost-effective and involves the latest technology bringing in high level of security in between the transactions being done. The blockchain also increases the speed providing a certified, trusted element on each data. These blocks showcase high moral standards. This kind of development is typically used in sectors which require great attention and is more actively used by the people all over the globe like the banking sector, health care sector and legal judiciary sector. There is no central supervision in this chain and follows the art of cryptography i.e. the language of codes. This makes it more difficult for any commoner to understand.
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