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The Solution is Packaged With

Talent focused Progressive Web App

A user friendly web interface to sign-up, create and manage profile with all required information, photos, videos of the sports talent and pay fees to be able to get promoted to professional sports organization.

Talent Profile Marketing PWA

Each player’s own marketing microsite with all the information for the Advisor to review, validate and promote to various associated coaches of sports organizations.

Advisor Portal

Manage own profile, Talents, Leads, Sales, Coaches, own Activities and Messages as Advisor.

Administration Portal

Admin User can manage and keep a track of the entire system including Advisors.

Why US?

  • Sports Talent Promotion & Acquisition business owners are powered with professional ready solution to digitally promote talents and manage end to end business.
  • The talent focused Progressive Web App as a part of the solution powers sports person to easily showcase their talents with help of information and visual media.
  • The Business owner can simply share the URL/link by any medium and once targeted users open it - they would be connected instantly.
  • The users are always well communicated through email, SMS and Push notifications.

Advisor Portal


Status at a glance Current status of all the advisor functions are categorically displayed including pre-set schedule

Review Talent Profile

For advisor review Get the list of the talent profiles (only with 100% completion) assigned to you for advisor review and upon successful review approve the profile for further actions

Manage Talents

Manage assigned talents Advisor can take multiple action on the talent profiles now . Advisor can confirm payment from talents and generate Marketing PWA of the talent approved by own.

Manage Leads and Sales

Advisor leads management All the paid talent profiles are now managed here for further placement to coaches and to get sold out.

Manage Coach & Activity

Coach and activity tracker Manage all the coaches categorically and create & track your activities effortlessly to carry out advisor role

Message Center

Your communication hub Managing all your communication with the assigned talents are supereasy here

Admin Portal

Manage User and Access

Manage user access Create and manage user along with user access permissions to as per user roles.

Manage Advisors

Your advisor manager Add, update and manage all your advisors with facility to assign Talents and Leads to them to manage.

Review & Manage Talents

Your Talent Manager Review and Manage talents with multiple actions including all action permissions given to Advisors.

Manage Leads and Sales

Your leads and Sales manager All Sales and Leads Management actions can be carried out including those permitted to Advisors

Manage Coach & Activity

Coach and activity tracker Manage all the coaches categorically and create & track your activities effortlessly to carry out advisor role


Business status at a glance Current status of all the business functions are categorically displayed including pre-set schedule

Talent focused PWA

My Account

Your talent profile Create, update and manage your profile with information easily any time. Contact your assigned Advisor for any query


Get notified real-time Receive real-time notification on any activity on your profile either by Advisor or by Administrator

Email Messages

Instant email messaging Send and receive email messages and communicate with assigned Advisor on any further requirement

Admin Portal

Notifications & Messages

Your notification center Send Push or SMS notifications to Advisors and Talents anytime individually or to all. Send and receive messages to and from Advisors and Talents too

CMS & Configuration Management

Your content manager Manage all the configurations, templates and content you want to display on Talent focused App and Talent profile microsite centrally and effortlessly

Review Process Management

Review process Manager Create and manage Talent profile review process as per your business flow and alter them anytime freely

Marketing PWA

Marketing Profile

Online view only resume An easily shareable online view only profile with all relevant information & media of the talent, generated by assigned Advisor for the coaches to view even using mobile devices.

Contact Me

You are reachable easy The coaches now contact talents anytime and get closer to your success.

Key Features of Student Athlete College Search

An interactive platform for talented sports persons to showcase talent

Increased availability of good talents for coaches for their teams

Standardized process of talent recruitment for coaches

Flexible yet powerful marketing medium to promote talents

Push and SMS Notification for quick information delivery

Easy manageable and flexible solution for business owners

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