PWA Solution For Online Certification Courses

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PWA Solution For Online Certification Courses

In today’s busy world office-goers don’t get enough time to invest to get certifications from educational institutions but in all the fast-paced industries everyone needs to add new skills to their resume in order to remain in the race of getting a better opportunity. Our client wanted to venture into the area of providing online educational courses to users through an interactive and user-friendly platform. The target of this solution was to develop an online educational platform for users who want to get online certifications on courses relevant to their industries. Dreamztech Solutions provided the client with a website as well as PWA solution to offer the users with a variety of online courses to select from. This platform is constantly evolving and Dreamztech is providing support to date.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a solution comprising the following qualities.

  • Build a lightweight app for mobile use and a website.
  • A platform where users will be able to view available courses.
  • Option to issue certificates for admin and avail it from the platform for users.
  • Access to unpaid useful articles and tutorials.
  • Option to get help for the users from the platform.
  • Option to provide special offers to the users.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • We developed a PWA app that is lightweight and accessible from mobiles and computers.
  • Users can view all the courses and details of fees and faculties on the platform.
  • Admin can authorize certificates from the back end and users can view and download it from the platform.
  • Users can access useful tutorial document links and youtube video links from the tutorial library option.
  • Option to send queries to admin from users platform.
  • Admin can offer coupons on courses and users can avail them while buying a course.

Approach from DreamzTech

The client wanted a solution to create an online educational course management platform for all users who want to avail of an online certification course. The solution developed by DreamzTech provides a platform for users to enroll and buy online educational courses. Users can view course details and on completion generate online certificates. The admin can manage all the courses from the backend as well as track all the user’s activity from the admin portal of the website.

asset management system ANALYSIS

DreamzTech engaged onshore Business Analysts to interview stakeholders from client premises and gather requirements. They worked with offshore BAs and Solution Architects to get a clear understanding of the project requirements.

digital ad platform PLANNING

The architects from DreamzTech analyzed existing software against requirements to determine Technology to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. The plan was segregated into phases. The development plan was divided into phases for the timely completion of the project.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

Dreamztech worked with the client for 6 months with a team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts and delivered the solution as per planning. Dreamztech has been maintaining the site for the last 3 years and providing support to date.

Services We Provided


The online learning platform gave flexibility to office goers as well as students to learn new things at times that suit them the best, leading to better engagement of users, compared to traditional methods. The customer feedback option helped the organization in self-evaluation and find out scopes of improvements and take necessary steps. The interactive UI and coupon system gave the users a better user experience leading to increased course purchases that increased revenue many folds.


Total number of users enrolled in the platform.


Purchase of courses through the platform is recorded.


Revenue generated from this platform to date.

Key Application Features

The online course management website owned by the client constitutes several complex Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

automated oil changeCourse List

Users can find details about available courses and their price of buying along with course duration and schedule. Admin can change or delete available courses on the platform and manage the price of courses.

fleet management -asset managementBuying Cart

Users can add their choice of courses into the cart buy them or save them for future use. On the cart quantity and price will be visible along with the option to remove and view course details.

asset order manageNews Section

Users will get regularly updated news sections where education-related news and current affairs will be visible that are managed by the admin in the back end.

automated oil changeFaculty Details

Users can view the list of faculties associated with the courses offered in the platform along with their mailing details and a brief description of expertise, educational qualification and institution name with which they are associated.

fleet management -asset managementUser Management

Admin has access to all the user details database, list of courses bought by them, billing details for every purchase, coupons availed, contact details. Admin has the option to add users from the backend.

asset order manageCertificate Management

Users can get course completion certificates on successful completion of exams by downloading it from the platform. Admin can manage certificate management from the admin portal.

asset management systemCoupon Management

Admin can assign coupons against specific courses or in general. Which can be availed by the users from the buying cart during the time of purchasing a course.

digital ad platformCource Management

Admin can manage courses available for the users and view applied coupon details against usernames and courses. Users can view all the ordered cource details from their profiles.

b2b travel portalTestimonial Management

Users can view testimonials from the testimonial section. These testimonials can be managed and edited by the admin.

asset management systemTutorial Management

Users can avail of some free tutorial material in the form of downloadable documents or youtube links of useful tutorials. Admin can manage tutorials to be displayed.

digital ad platformExam Status

Users can view their exam status and history from the user’s platform. Admin can view exam status and the number of attempts for all users.

b2b travel portalSurvey Management

Users have an option to participate in surveys that is customizable by the admin along with the admin option to manage the survey responses.

asset management system Product Management

Admin can manage the curriculum of every course by an option to create modules and tests for each module.

digital ad platform Notification

On successful payment of course fees, users get notified through emails and the invoice is sent via email. The admin also gets email notification on every course purchased. Users can subscribe to newsletters for getting regular notification through mail.

b2b travel portal Help Section

Users have an option to call to a toll-free helpline number for any assistance as well as users can send queries through get in touch section. Admin can manage the queries from the backend.

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