PWA Solution For Online Gaming

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PWA Solution For Online Gaming

The client wanted to develop an online gaming platform for all the users, based on rodeo events that take place in different parts of their country. The client wanted to build a gaming platform where the users will be able to participate in a game of guessing the score or time on a rodeo event for a particular rodeo participant. Depending on the accuracy of the predicted score by the users compared to the rodeo participants score, users will be able to win prizes. Dreamztech implemented a fully functional PWA gaming platform for Rodeoguess where users could experience live video streaming and live audio streaming of rodeo events and participate in the game with the option of winning prizes. Dreamztech is providing support to the client to date.

Business Objectives

The client wanted a solution comprising the following qualities.

  • A Lightweight App is accessible to all the users of the platform.
  • A platform where users will be able to view live rodeo events.
  • Visual representation of the score.
  • Users to be able to guess the scores during each event and win rewards.
  • Create space for introducing sponsor opportunities.
  • Reaching out option to all user types easily.
  • Admin can view statistical data on the platform.
  • Option to create customizable events and awards.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • A PWA solution for all the users that is accessible from any device.
  • The platform has integrated a real-time live streaming feature for rodeo events.
  • The platform has a live scoreboard feature to show scores of rodeo events.
  • Through PWA users can participate in the competition to guess the score and win
  • Rodeo users can add sponsors for an event to upload their logo.
  • Sending bulk SMS option is included in the feature to reach out to all user types.
  • Admin can generate a report for all the user’s participation and winning details.
  • The feature of geo-fencing allows adding area-specific events with special awards.

Approach from DreamzTech

The client wanted us to build a gaming platform where users will be able to participate as individual players in different events and the super admin will have multiple customizable features to create events and add players. Dreamztech has developed the gaming platform from scratch with multiple complex logics and features integrated into the platform.

asset management system CONSULTATION

The business analysts engaged with the client stakeholders to understand their ideas & the features they wanted to implement in the gaming platform. The architects from DreamzTech analyzed the workflow of the gaming platform after detailed discussions with the client.

digital ad platform PROJECT MANAGEMENT

After a detailed analysis of the project, architects analyzed the technologies to be used, database structure, data flow, and microservices. The project was divided into several phases after detailed discussions with the client depending on the priority features to be implemented.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

The dedicated team for the project followed Agile methodology for technology implementation and consisted of dedicated Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts. The team worked with the client for 4 months and deployed the gaming platform within the proposed time frame. Due support was provided and continued to date.

Services We Provided


The gaming platform gave a better fan experience. It created increased followers and ticket sales for events. The platform helped to reach out to more users and increased sponsor inventory. Exciting new social content with fan winners ensured better user engagement. Live radio and live video streaming feature increased viewership of the events. The integrated dynamic big screen leaderboard for all events ensured increased fan engagement on the go.

Key Application Features

The PWA Rodeoguess gaming platform owned by the client constitutes several Solutions and Services. All challenges in complexity were overcome by DreamzTech and the following modules were delivered.

automated oil changeLive Action

Users can view the list of live events going on and can participate in any one of the live games by selecting the event. Also they get information about the upcoming rodeo events.

fleet management -asset management Create Game

Rodeo user or platform owner can create games or events for a particular live event and add multiple players and users to participate in the game.

asset order manage Live Scoreboard

Users can view real-time live scoreboards of all the rodeo participants score along with the users participating in the rodeo guess game.

automated oil changeLive Event Radio

Users can listen to any selected live rodeo event from the platform by selecting the event and choosing the event radio option while they play.

fleet management -asset managementLive Streaming

Users can view live streaming of rodeo events from the platform and participate in the guessing game for that event from anywhere.

asset order manage Group Creation

Rodeo users have sub-admin access for few features and they can create groups where they can add different users and start playing on an event by creating a group.

automated oil changeSponsor Management

Rodeo users can add a sponsor for an event where the sponsor’s logo can be showcased for promotion. Audio and video files can also be uploaded for the promotion of the sponsor.

fleet management -asset managementDynamic Leaderboard

The dynamic leaderboard option shows all the scores across all the events going on live in the platform for different events in real-time.

fleet management -asset managementSMS Dashboard

Admin has the access to send bulk SMS to all the platform users or selected users for promotional purposes or for sending any notification.

fleet management -asset managementPayment Plans

For some specific events which enable the charity option users to be joined those events by making a donation for the specific charity.

fleet management -asset managementBuddy Group

Users can create a buddy group where they can add their known users and participate in an event and play between themselves.

fleet management -asset managementGeo-Fencing

This feature allows the rodeo user to offer venues their own prizes, own TV leaderboard, own winners, and player list. Remote location party option available where one can create their own game based on a live game on a remote establishment.

fleet management -asset managementPoints & Awards

Users who participate in the guessing game can predict a score or time for a particular rodeo participant. Depending on the accurate prediction users get points and best point gainers win cash rewards and other rewards.

asset order manage Rodeo Accounts

Rodeo user accounts are accounts with sub-admin rights and they can create an event on their own, add sponsors, add rodeo participants, add users for a particular event.

automated oil changeReport Management

Rodeo users and admin can generate a report of event winners and view details of points earned from specific events. Option to view event wise transactions for all donations along with exporting report option.

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