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Case Study – Asset Tracking Solution

DreamzTech has developed end-to-end EAM & Asset Tracking Solution for UK Based Brewery Specialist for their 8 Million+ Rental Inventory

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The global RFID market size was valued at $10.41 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $25.47 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 9.6% from 2021 to 2030.

The Client is a renowned Brewery Rental providing Company having over 8 Millions Rental Inventory of Kegs and Casks. They were facing challenges in tracking beer kegs rental and having difficulty in performing various inventory functions such as Stocktake, visibility on asset status and tracking status of assets manual movements.

The custom Asset Tracking Solution works by serializing assets with RFID and labelling them. Using RFID scanners they got the capability to bulk scan and perform various activities such as stock take, PO Gate In, etc and automated their asset movement using conveyor belts and installing fixed line scanners.

The RFID based Asset Tracking Solution also got integration with 3rd party tools and solutions such as Modulr Finance, World Check, Fetchify, Chainway, Mojix, Scale Fusion, Untapped and Google API.

With the custom developed RFID Based Asset Tracking Solution, the client got highly benefited by using RFID based serialization to label and track their inventory and asset movement using handheld and fixed line scanners tracking asset movement on conveyor tracks.

Key Challenges

  • Tracking various status of millions of Kegs and Casks Containers throughout their journey from rental out and gate-in process
  • Difficulty in tracking manual movement of asset when coming in from PO to Gate-In and serialization
  • Unavailability of audit trail leading to loss of assets and inventory inaccuracies
  • Manual, cumbersome and error prone process for managing brewery rental accessories
  • Losing opportunities due to inefficient inventory forecasting for order fulfillment
  • Difficulty in performing maintenance tasks due to inefficient inventory and lack of asset tracking
  • Absence of a proper maintenance plan in place leading to customer dissatisfaction and poor product quality

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The Solution

DreamzTech team worked closely with the client to understand their business processes and designing asset tracking solution that could serve their business requirement with a custom built and easy to use Asset Tracking Solution integrated with RFID Inventory Management. The asset tracking solution also included Forecasting Capability based on historical data and Sales trend. It also connects with various 3rd party solutions such as Modulr Finance, World Check, Fetchify, Chainway, Mojix, Scale Fusion, Untapped and Google API.

  • Asset Tracking Solution has the ability to process stocktake using RFID scanners and collect information about hundreds of containers in seconds and provide visibility on asset status and tracking status of assets manual movements
  • Implementation of Barcode / RFID based automation to identify each asset uniquely and serialize as per GS1 Standards
  • Audit trail mechanism has been implemented in this Asset Tracking Solution
  • Implementation of an in-built forecasting mechanism to improve efficiencies of Rental Inventory and Order fulfillment
  • Efficient coordination in maintenance management using scheduled maintenance tasks, maintenance checklists and routine inspections
  • Provided Mobility Solution by developing a RFID Mobile App to perform various type of inventory activities on the Android Application in RFID Handheld Scanner
  • Manual tasks such as movement of assets are automated using conveyor and integrating with Fixed Line Scanners at various point to track movement and status.
  • Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC5, Jquery, Json, Ajax,HTML5,Bootstrap,Amamzon AWS
  • Tools: Visual Studio , Sql Server


DreamzTech custom asset tracking solution for end to end asset tracking and maintenance solution. To overcome core issues of large asset intensive businesses, the Asset Tracking Solution allows businesses to leverage Barcode or RFID technology to ensure consistency in record management, tracking asset journey throughout their useful life.

rfid asset tracking solution

Enterprise Asset Management :
Over 8 Million Rental Inventory successfully managed through EAM Software (Enterprise Asset Management)

track assets

RFID and Barcode :
With RFID and Barcode labeling and tracking each Kegs and Casks Containers can be individually tracked and identified

configurable asset scan points

Configurable Asset :
Fully Automated and Configurable Asset Scan Points to scan assets from PO to Gate-In and serialization

rfid asset tracking and EAM

Performance of their networks :
Better Analysis of the performance of their networks, assess risks and make better strategic decisions regarding Kegs and Casks Containers, suppliers, and distributors to improve and optimize overall fulfillment process

asset tracking solution

Inventory forecasting :
Inventory forecasting to determine inventory levels for optimized inventory management and order fulfillment

api integration of eam

Integration with various 3rd party solutions :
Integration with various 3rd party solutions such as Modulr Finance for vendor risk assessment, Refinitiv World-Check for financial compliance to AML, Fetchify for Address Lookup and Validation in the UK, Chainway Scanner and SDK for RFID Mobile App development, Mojix, ScaleFusion MDM, Untapped for Business to import brand related data, and Google API for Maps

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