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Rodeo Events Management and Marketplace

Throughout centuries Rodeo has been a popular competitive sport in western United States, Canada, Spain and other European countries. However, this community has seen a decline in business in the last decade due to lack of promotional activities and poor marketing and branding models.
Dreamztech has created a community networking and marketplace application for one of our clients, to address these challenges. This application brings attendees, merchants, sponsors and associates on a single platform and handles multicategory events at various locations at the same time.

The Business Problem

  • Lack of a unified platform for event hosts, sponsors, associates, merchants, attendees and fans.
  • Existing solutions did not provide hosts and sponsors with the benefit of brand promotion or reaching out to a large network.
  • Rodeo event associations were looking for ways to increase revenues and manage events seamlessly.
  • Merchants wanted to leverage the power of a large network to advertise, sell and build client base from a single platform.
  • Customers interested in Western Lifestyle did not have a dedicated media from which they would participate.
  • Lack of a device independent, portable software catering to all participants in an event.

The Solution

  • Development of an event management software suite that brings all user types on a single platform. It is capable of handling multi location and multi category events.
  • Event hosts and sponsors can manage and promote events from a single dashboard. Multiple marketing tools and campaign options were developed.
  • Several marketing and communication channels were developed for associations to offer more value to members over the Reachoutwest network.
  • The Reachoutwest marketplace allows merchants to post ads, target campaigns, communicate and view analytics.
  • Major features for attendees – find and locate events, schedule visits, get services, create groups, buy / sell, follow, participate, watch live stream.
  • The iPhone app, Android app and website caters to all users of the platform.


DreamzTech is currently assisting with development of upcoming modules, conducting end-to-end testing, and providing maintenance services. The application has benefitted the client by giving them complete control over Event hosts, associations, attendees, commerce and the growing customer base as a whole.

Functional Features

asset management system


Buy, sell and auction goods in the marketplace. Reach out to customers in locality. Create own brand

digital ad platform

Live videos

Live video streaming of events. Playback later. Listen to audio commentary. Likes and comments

b2b travel portal

Social profile

Users can connect to popular social media platforms and pull profile info for easy identification

asset management system

Event Standing

Event organizers upload event outcome in a jiffy for the network to view and comment

digital ad platform

My Calendar

Schedule and view events on calendars. View events on maps as well. Search and filter by preference

b2b travel portal


Any user may increase their network by following others or by having followers. Followers are duly updated

automated oil change

News and updates

Post news, reviews, updates and marketing materials on users’ walls to engage them

fleet management -asset management


Page visit, membership, event popularity – all reports at your disposal

asset order manage

Activity Feed

Post images, views and links so they show up in the activity feed. Get popular in your locality






Redis cli


pm 2



Android Studio


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