Smart Facilities Management Solution

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Smart Facilities Management Solution

If you’re providing facility management, you need to deal with a number of third-parties for different devices, subcontractors for work order distribution and finally the ground workers who update the business with the right status so that you can make the right decision. When it comes to distribution efficiency is the key objective and no business can handle it manually. Dreamztech has developed an end to end and fully automated facility management solution for one of its esteemed clients that not only allows them to record their operations but also integrates with the system of customers and third-party vendors to automate the order processing. The customer is a Business Management Consultant and Facility Management Services Provider based in Hamburg, Germany. Airbus is their primary partner.

Business Problems

The customer wanted to overcome the following challenges in their facility management services:

  • Disjoined management system for 3 business verticals >> 1. Electrical 2. Heating, ventilation, plumbing, 3. Finishing trades.
  • Absence of a unified Ordering System and Monitoring Tool for their business verticals.
  • Absence of the end to end functionality of the Order processing and Monitoring system.
  • Real-Time Order Monitoring and Status update tools were not available.
  • Unavailability of a reporting system.
  • Unavailability of a mobile platform for employees and customers.


The customer enjoyed the following benefits through the solution provided by team.

  • Simple, flexible and secured system to manage orders/jobs from Airbus and execution of orders by the subcontractors.
  • The solution makes it easy to collaborate among the subcontractors for common jobs.
  • By using real-time notification the business process and decision making become very quick, correct and effective.
  • The reporting system makes life easy for quick and correct decisions.
  • Introduction of the mobile platform (iOS and Android versions).

Approach from DreamzTech

The customer was looking to partner with a reliable and affordable IT partner to make their work process simpler and faster while meeting stringent quality standards. DreamzTech provided technical architecture, disaster recovery plans, and development services for a full-fledged order processing and monitoring platform.

asset management system ARCHITECTURE

DreamzTech trained key project members on the German language to interact with stakeholders and gather functional/non-functional requirements. Flowcharts and data flow diagrams were created. System architecture and technologies to use were determined.

digital ad platform PLANNING

Analysts from DreamzTech identified important modules, user roles, and user journeys and created prototypes. The whole application was divided into backend development, frontend web development, and mobile apps. Tasks were prioritized and the backlog was created in Jira.

b2b travel portal DEPLOYMENT

Our team comprising Project Managers, Tech Leads, Designers, Developers, and Quality Analysts have been working with the client since 2015 and have been delivering new releases every year. Currently, new modules are being developed by DreamzTech.

Services We Provided


Using the solution, our client has integrated order processing and monitoring tools for three of their business lines and is able to import work orders from the SAP system of their clients. The system gives access to subcontractors and ground workers via dedicated access accounts or specialized mobile apps as per the requirement and automates the distribution of the order between parties once it is registered by their customer.

Key Application Features

DreamzTech delivered a fully functioning order processing, distribution and monitoring platform to the client with the following key features incorporated in the platform.

asset management system Order Processing

Order processing and monitoring system with Notification service.

digital ad platform Order Distribution

Order distribution to multiple channels including Suppliers, Subcontractors, and Distributors.

b2b travel portal Import Orders

Import Work Orders and offers from SAP.

automated oil change Order Monitoring

Real-Time Order Monitoring and Status update.

fleet management -asset management Communication

Chat communication with stakeholders on the platform.

asset order manage Reporting System

A reporting system for various stakeholders.

asset management system Offer Management

Offer creation, revision, import, export, and distribution feature

digital ad platform Manage Orders

Order creation module with the bulk import feature. Ability to map with distributors

b2b travel portal Notification System

Notification tool for Website, desktop application, and mobile apps.

asset management system Reporting

Report customization, delegation, and scheduled distribution over email.

digital ad platform Audit Report

The action of every user on the platform is tracked and logged for auditing.

b2b travel portal Mobile apps

Monitor offers and orders. Chat feature. Important notifications

asset management system Asset Maintenance

The client can schedule maintenance on specific assets with specified labor tasks and associated costs and assign them automatically to designated persons. Relevant instruction files and other documents to the asset can be associated.

digital ad platform Procurement

The solution features a complete procurement cycle for MRO with workflows and approvals and Stock Level management for auto purchase requisition and orders.

b2b travel portal Predictive & Proactive Maintenance

Analytics to predict required maintenance and scheduled maintenance tasks. Proactive maintenance through asset life and consumption/usage historical data and provide a forecast for asset maintenance.

Technology Overview







Objective C










Android Studio


Visual Studio


LINQ Framework


New Relic



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