Smart Street Light Solution

Smart lighting solution helps in minimising the interruption in service for all the service providers from centralised governance to service coordinators of street lights that are spread across cities. As we all know energy is valuable resource and every other day the enterprises are adopting smart methods as we are trying to save energy and lowerer the carbon footprint.

We Add Value...

  • Convert Conventional Lights to Smart Lights.
  • Manage and Control each IoT enabled Street Light.
  • Set Rules, Control Operations and Monitor Device Condition through a Central Dashboard.

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Smart Street Light Solution: Centralized Platform To Control, Monitoring & Fault Detection

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Approach For The Street Lights


Our IoT device can be installed for every lamp post or group of lamp posts by reducing the cost exponentially for every smart lamp posts on the streets. We can implement the solution in any of the following ways based on budget and convenience of the Government:

  • Keeping your existing infrastructure, we can convert your conventional lamp post to IoT enabled smart lamp post using our platform controller and the IoT Grid Network or the software backbone behind it.
  • We can upgrade the conventional HID Lamps with IoT enabled Lamps.
  • Upgrade already installed LED Lamps with our platform controller to make it IoT enabled and control using our IoT Grid Network.


Control any redefines automation with IoT to offer innumerable benefits in multiple domains. As it provides an option of integration with any device for end-user, irrespective of the manufacturer.



Upgrade Conventional Lights to Smart Light with DreamzLight

No need to buy expensive smart lights. Our solution can upgrade your existing infrastructure into a smart IoT enabled infrastructure.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

On-demand Usage, up to 40% Low Consumption

Not only timer based, our solution allows you to configure individual street lights separately. Turn off or dim the light when there’s no movement on the street or based on sunrise and sunset time.

Smart Analytical Report

The platform automatically generates the report from individual units to own reports based on the local, area, street, groups and enables you to verifies the increase or decrease of electric consumption and take preventive action.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Remote Control, Central Monitoring

Setup your Smart Control Room and monitor all the street lights remotely. No need to visit in-person to different sections to control the lights.

Automated Fault Detection and Vendor Management

Our system will show if some of the lights are non-functional with geo-tagging and create the work-order automatically for the desired vendor for service.

internet of things companies
internet of things companies

Emergency App Interface with DreamzLight

Our Emergency App is paired with our DreamzLight. During emergency, pressing the Panic button in the App will trigger nearby lights to blink continuously attracting attention from others and informing Street Control Room instantly.

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