Smart Shelf

Shelves have become more than just a surface for storing and displaying objects.

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Smart Shelf Solution - Never Have An Empty Shelf

Customers' satisfaction

Never let your customers leave without everything they came for.


The data collected from the shelves can be used by anyone with access to the system.

Save on manpower

Achieve perfect efficiency in products replenishment.

Better planogram

Placing every product exactly where it should be was never easier.

Transforming Retail shelves to IoT.

Smart on-shelf appliance

Installed on the store shelf, dozens of small electrical sensors that detect and send data.

Stock movement & alert

Real-time tracking of virtually all on-shelf inventory at a global level. Prevents ‘out of stock’ situations by alerting when stock level gets low or critical.

Position control

Detects the location of misplaced products on the shelf to avoid bad positioning.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Sensors installed in the shelves can sense when customers pick a product and the particular information related to the product will be displayed on the display.

Analytics and insights

System analyzes the data that has been collected from the shelves and produces business insights .

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