Textile Industry

Our solutions for Textile Industry are driven by key technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, RFID and customer experience management and thus we help industries with better improved operational efficiencies and world class solutions.

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Blockchain & IoT driven tracking & maintenance solutions

The value of the global textile mills market totaled $667.5 billion in 2015 (around 83.1% were fabrics and 16.9% were yarns), up 1.5% from a year earlier. The global textile mills market is forecast to reach $842.6 billion in value in 2020, an increase of 26.2% since 2015.This unprecedented growth of Textile Industry which relies heavily on its information systems and technologies. With the increased competition, companies are taking support of IT to enhance its Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Maintenance Management using it as a competitive edge. We provide our clients deliver a robust software solutions to achieve operational success.

Blockchain based Asset Tracking & Management

DreamzTech has created an end to end asset management and tracking solution, backed by blockchain and IoT technologies, to overcome these issues for a large business.
The system allows leverage Barcode or RFID technology to ensure consistency in record management throughout the entire supply chain using smart ledgers. This makes asset management seamless as they can now track and monitor assets in real time.
Blockchain’s distributed ledger which are immutable to any alteration leaves completely transparent trails for transactions in a diverse ecosystem. All transactions of an asset life cycle get validated using smart contracts creating trust, reliability and transparency among parties resulting in smooth collaborations.

Seamless integration of RFID and Barcode helped tracking unique assets and complete audit trails. The solution enabled customer to fully automate and configure asset scan points that help keep track of assets.

The Solution has been awarded by RFID Journal Live for Best Use of RFID 2019 to Enhance a Product or Service.

Computerized Maintenance Management Solution

Our cloud-based CMMS simplifies move from reactive to preventive maintenance and beyond.Our CMMS can organize assets, manage work orders, connect to business systems, or make data-driven decisions and tracking real-time costs for each equipment item, and at each facility with more efficiency.
With DreamzTech’s CMMS, Streamline Your Work Order eliminate maintenance disorganization with our easy work order management. Our CMMS Solution helps your reduce downtime, track health of critical assets, and plan work based on real-time information.
With Data-driven-decisions, solution can be configured to automatically trigger work orders based on real-time asset utilization or condition data.
Everyone in your team can easily access work instructions, prioritize tasks and manage work orders from anywhere.

Instant App Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), this emerging technology works with all major platforms, so consumers don’t need to download anything to get the mobile app experience. With PWAs, which are the future of app development, customers can now launch browser-based applications with actionable buttons, to do ecommerce transactions. The platform can integrate data, applications and channels seamlessly.
DreamzTech has Instant App Development Platform which enables enterprises to rapidly deliver digital engagements to their customers via an extremely agile and lightweight compute platform.
PWA Apps combines push timeline based messaging, actionable UI use the device’s native features such as the camera, location services, fingerprint scanner etc. to provide personalized banking services, location based services with reliable security like Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Pattern and PIN.


Field Force Management Solution

In the textile industry finding a specific record or report is difficult as things are done manually starting from customers, suppliers, orders, raw materials, stock availability as well as bill generation. From our solution, you can auto allocate the task based on raw material and stock availability. Field Service Employees can access jobs and get paid online while updating the job status in the field itself.
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Blockchain Based Track & Trace Solution

In the textile indusrty, transactions are processed directly from peer to peer with fewer intermediaries and ledgers get updated automatically. Blockchain asset tracking can combat counterfeits. RFID tags can track and trace the assets throughout the entire supply chain until they reach the destination.
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Computerized Maintenance Management System

Get relief from your daily maintenance headache and increasing operating costs of the textile indusrty. Our cloud-based CMMS manages the employee information, customers details, stock available, raw material, order status, reduces maintenance costs and simplifies your journey from reactive to preventive maintenance and beyond.
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